Global warming /Global cooling

The advocates of global warming seem to be rather quiet these days. I suppose that deep freezing in Britain and China in the past three years has caused them to do a double take. But something more shocking has been observed even more recently. I happened to be thumbing through the ample pages of THE MALL, a British periodical, when an interesting article caught my attention.

The headline highlighted global warming and went on to reveal that an Arctic icecap had increased by sixty per cent in one year. It stretched from the border of Canada all the way to Russia. Spatially it is equivalent to half the size of Europe. How’s that for global warming! The author made the observation that the public has been conned by the global warming “experts.”

The U.N. will be meeting in session to consider this new “crisis.” The so-called findings on global warming in thousands of pages of documents will have to be re-considered. The computer simulations will also have to be discredited. Some experts will be in for big trouble. Some heads will surely be rolling.

The U.N. should have heeded the opinion of some 29,000 experts who opposed the popular ideas on global warming rather than embrace the views of the 4,000 proponents who were like the prophets of Baal that counseled Ahab.

The global warming concept has been one of the grounds of contention in the cultural war. Anti-global warming was considered counter-cultural. To resist the idea was to be anti-establishment or anti-political correctness. In governments, in schools, other institutions and every where else green was emphasized and the mantras of global warming were recited.

Even world population increase was seen as a cause of global warming, an idea that fitted well with the objective of Family Planning and other genocidal groups. We were blamed for carbon emissions and some felt that our numbers should be parred down to a comfortable 500 million from the current seven billion plus.

I wonder what Al Gore and his minions are thinking now. They must have known all along that they were taking people for a ride even as they pushed the concept of globalism. I wonder what new crisis they would now concoct in order to dupe the public and draw funds for their pet causes?

There are a number of lessons to be learned with the blowing of the global warming cover.


(1). We need to think for ourselves and not let the media or big-name politicians and authors do our thinking for us.

(2). We should listen to truth rather than to rumours and evaluate what we hear.

(3). We should ask ourselves what is the catch when certain matters are so highly esteemed among men. When big money is involved and freedoms are being eroded something has to be radically wrong.

(4). We need to realise that science is no longer just science for scientists have become the agents of political correctness and have their own presuppositions and agendas.

The Holy Scriptures warn us time and again about the duplicity of men. “The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked who can know it?” Lust makes men duplicitous. The whole world is driven by lust and lust drives men to pursue gain and glory. They will use any means to achieve their goals even by trampling on the brains of others. They will manipulate truth, rewrite history, reconstruct ideas, and deconstruct reality in order to accomplish their purposes.

Jesus knew what was in men and warned us to beware of them. We need to deconstruct the ideas of those who do the deconstruction. Two can play at that. As the saying goes, “Unfair game play twice.”

Well, what is our response to global warming and global cooling? We must never forget that there is a sovereign, all-powerful God in control of a world which he has made. He has designed it the way he wanted it. He has established the constants of the seasons and the rhythm of the weather patterns. He has assigned to man the task of guarding or caring for the garden of the earth. Man should do his part but he must trust God with the rest.

Global warming and global cooling are God’s business and not man’s. God has designed the earth to take care of its warming and cooling system. He has placed within it a natural thermostat which functions according to his will.

Weather patterns move in cyclic fashion so we should not allow so-called experts to get us excited by pointing out matters which they consider to be unusual. Let us live by faith and not by sight.


Alfred Horsford

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