Don’t be a fool and show it!!!

When I was a student in Cuba

I walked almost every hour after midnight

In part of old Havana and Havana City and I did not have

To look over none of my shoulders………

We must be mad or very crazy to continue robbing our own citizens in the first instance, secondly foreigners and most fundamentally the students at St. George’s University located at True Blue, St. George.

Reading the New Today front page story, “Strokes for Medical Student Robbers” for the week ending Friday, 23rd August, 2013, I felt duty bound to write to the Editor of the leading weekly, the New Today to express my opinion on the subject matter.

No one should not have to read and spell to anyone about the educational and most fundamentally the economic impact the SGU is making to our country on a daily basis. For starters, it is in the tune of millions of dollars.

Let me say to some of our disoriented young people who continue to engage in this act we could well do without.

The St. George University was awarded an extra term because of our better behaviour over a sister island to the north of us. Because in that country the students experiences were not the same as in that country, as in our lovely Grenada.

It was reported that they had a very rough time in that country. Experiencing unprecedented petty crimes which no one was brought to justice for or even arrested. In that regard the Student Government at the St. George University voted to terminate that term in that island and awarded it to the the True Blue Campus. This allowed millions more to remain here in our economy.

After the voting, the authorities made several trips to True Blue, including opposition politicians to see if they could reverse the decision of the students, because they came to understand that their economy would suffer tremendously to the tune of millions of dollars. It was too little too late.

As I understood it the students who went to that island had to rent an apartment, a vehicle and to buy food among other things which came to millions of dollars at the end of the term.

Automatically we became the beneficiaries of millions of dollars more in the twinkle of a vote by the student government and that must be respected, and we must treat those students with great respect. And don’t make the mistake as the people in that island.’

I know some people who wish that the St. George University was located in Tobago. Because of the economic impact that outstanding corporate citizen is making here to our country on a daily basis for many years.

We must understand that vote by the students was a vote for the love of our country, because those students really love our country. Even if that is very true we must not take nothing for granted.

The love for our country by visitors was pointed out in a document by me in 2010 called, “Overwhelmed in More ways than One.” To drive home my point, I made a return to Club Bananas, during the carnival season in 2013, after an absence for more than two years.

While on duty there, a group of students was coming in my direction, one of them was saying oh Grenada, oh Grenada, in fact it was the 14th of August, 2013. When they reached me, I asked the young lady a question, which was, What up with my country? She replied,” Grenada is very lovely”, she went on, ” I love your beaches”, and also your ocean is very clean”. I asked her where did you came from, she said Florida, USA. For me that was a major compliment for our country.

Another group of students were playing pools, and on their out one of them asked me if I was from Grenada. ( I do not know why visitors always ask me if I am Grenadian). I said yes, she went on “everyone here is so nice and friendly”.

So please my brothers and sisters, please do not change that perception by the visitors on our lovely island – they mean a lot to us.

In that respect, I will like the authorities to increase police patrols to compliment the SGU security patrols, especially after midnight. After all it is in our interest to do so because the St. George University is located in our country.

So don’t be a fool and show it by robbing and attacking the students at SGU because they are our guests and they should be treated as such. In fact anyone, doing so, you are helping to bring down our good name as a people.

Also as I said in the beginning I walked almost every hour after midnight in parts of old Havana and Havana City and I did not have to look over none of my shoulders while I was a student there. The foreigners on our island should feel the same way.

In closing, I must say also that the students and the foreigners should also take away the opportunity from those people by taking a taxi every now and then. Walking in groups is also a good way to take away the opportunity from those people who are few and far between in our population.

Also, all incidents should be reported as soon as yesterday to the relevant authorities in order for the perpetrators to be brought to justice in a speedy manner.

Brian Lindsay Campbell

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