Your paper of 23rd August had buried on page 15 a small notice to Port Users. This was dated August 15th, a Thursday, which meant that under normal circumstances it could NOT have appeared in the Friday 16th paper. It was duly carried in the Friday 23rd Edition.

It announced the formation of a Committee to (1) “review the varied free time and storage regimes at Port St. George”, and (2) to consider the impact or contribution of the regimes to the GPA’s operation income…, give due regard to minimizing any adverse or negative impact to GPA’s finances”.

Port users and cargo interests were invited to make written submissions for the consideration of the committee NO later than 4.00 P.M. Friday 30th.

At a meeting of shipping interests on Wednesday 28th this matter was raised and most of those in attendance had not seen the notice. Most other Importers were and are unaware of the proposed changes to existing regimes. This notification is an unusual departure from the normal manner of writing the main affected parties, and seeking input into a matter that has far reaching implications for the general public.

In fact it reeks of nothing short of a disingenuous ploy to increase costs to shipping interests, importers, and the general public, using nefarious back door means. I say this because while I do not wish to prejudice the work of the committee, I strongly doubt that the public’s interests will be protected given the terms of reference.

This is “Delivery” of the kind the Bull gives to the Heifer!!!


Port User


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