The absence of Stone Crusher

I take pride in reading your weekly newspaper when I can get them – otherwise I visit and make do with your selected articles there.

Your efforts to enlighten Grenadians over the years must not be taken lightly. If many of the Grenadians who blindly voted last election, and those who refused to take it seriously by reclusing themselves (thus contributing to the unprecedented second 15-0 victory for the NNP) had listened to you and other advocates, they would not have been in the position they are in today.

I believe, from where I sit that all the promises would not be delivered, considering the widespread (ill) reputation of the NNP’s leadership. International agencies would not be attracted to assist Grenada under this administration when its track record led by the unshakeable legacy of its leader is so fresh in the minds of the international community.

It is plausible that “he” should have come to office claiming that he wants to leave a great legacy – ignoring the fact that he has his legacy already – one that is etched in the minds of every conscious Grenadian at home and abroad.

The international community – having had poor experiences with him already for the thirteen years between 1995 and 2008, ought to be disappointed with the Grenadian population for putting themselves through this kind of “challenged” leadership at a time of great economic distress for the world.

Having said this, I request permission from you to help fill the gap of providing valuable information to the local population in the absence of “Special Correspondent”, “Stone Crusher” and all other valuable columnists who are sorely missed during this time of high expectation and non-delivery by the NNP who said in their campaign – “We will deliver”.

I want you to know Sir, that I was never a supporter of the NDC, as I never had any faith in its weak leadership and lazy mode of operation; but when the choice was presented between them and the NNP, I would have had no hesitation in choosing them before I would have put an “x” by the NNP to introduce Grenada to the non-co-operative spirit of the international community in these times of dire need.

I await your timely response with a view to commencing my contributions soon after the Carnival season.


Deliverance Now!


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