A tale of NNP lies

The man promised on the campaign trail and in Parliament full consultation on issues of national importance, yet still he trying as much as he can to slip in the casino license to Zublin through the back door.

How come he isn’t talking about going to the public with such a controversial issue? How come he talking about a deal that will limit Grenadians from gambling without hearing if that is what the Grenadian public really wants?

How come the talk on the street is that they used a past GG to rake up an acquisition deal with HYATT of Jamaica to take away the property of the Nyack’s in Grand Anse known as the Rievera hotel?

However, the court ruled in the Nyack’s favour but the man so boldfaced, he appeal the ruling.




The biggest lie of them all is the lie that it was the NDC mismanagement that was responsible for the bad economic situation we faced over the past four and a half years.

This one is the worst of them all as we now see and hear the big NNP conman confessing to the international community, and to the Grenadians in his Parliament Speech, that it was NNP’s reckless borrowing, and trying to live above their means, that was responsible for that situation.

The man even said that they (NNP) made a tragic mistake of trying to solve all their problems by borrowing, how different this is to the picture he always painted in opposition of a NNP that did better than most of our neighbors in the region, and one that only brought us progress, prosperity and development?

Now the man going to North America and Trinidad and admitting that we have not yet fully recovered from Ivan and Emily and most of all, the international global economic crisis. This is the same man who just months ago was saying that Grenada’s problems had very little if anything to do with those things, and that it was the NDC that could not manage.

Now it is convenient for him to hide behind those same issues, this is the same man who said if the NDC could not meet its obligations to workers and its creditors it will not survive, but now he is singing the tune of rescheduling with the same creditors.

Who in their right minds will have sympathy for such a man when all along he was saying that his government’s priority will not be to repay debts, but rather to create jobs? Did he not realise that while he was talking the creditors were listening and taking notes?




This is the same man who went on public media and asked the Grenadians for forgiveness for what he said were his wrongs of the past, even though he did not own up to what those specific wrongs really are.

This is the same man who said he has learned from his past and will run a different government if we gave him another chance. Now he got the chance what does he do? He openly refuses to forgive those whom he perceive would have done him wrong in the past.

He removes the Chief Immigration Officer because he feels he took away his wife’s diplomatic passport. He removes the Commissioner of Police because he had issues about him not granting him police security while in opposition among other things.

He removes the man in charge of FIU because the man was just doing his job and was investigating complaints of corruption brought before him. He fires many public employees because he believes they are supporters of the NDC. He sets back up a chain of command with all the old loyalists who do his bidding without question.

He is still snorting from the nostrils and spewing venom on those he despises. What part of these actions seem so different to what we have seen in the past? And he has the heart to turn around in another interview and say – I never changed, I can’t change.

Does he really believe he can unite this country with his forked tongue and double language.




This one is just another vain slang no more truthful than “wok you want, wok you go get” in 1995 or “the new economy” as promised to us in 1999 and 2003.

Give the man what is his, he really knows how to chalk up slangs and slogans. This man knew all along that our economy was in shambles, he was being fed information by his conspirators in the Ministry of Finance, the preacher and non-national.

This man knew very well that he most likely would have to face the IMF. He knew that his government by his own admission has miscalculated on investors in the past. He said so in Parliament in his 2013 budget speech. He said that the level of development hoped for in the past did not materialise hence the reason we find ourselves in this debt crisis.

Then why, if that was the NNP’s experience when the world was booming with cash, would it be any different now that the world is going through economic crisis? What is so different about this bunch of mostly inexperienced newcomers that will make the NNP more efficient and effective this time around?

Can any of the present team be seen as persons that are much more competent than their predecessors?

The man knew full well the task would not be as easy as he made it appear, but he knew that most of the youths whom he depended on to win the election were doing CXC five years ago and had no time for politics. He knew he could easily fool those youths, all the young peoples’ political experience for the past four years, boiled down to the hardships inherited by NDC created by the NNP’s reckless borrowing; but these young people were not fully aware when that borrowing was taking place, so he figured he could lie to them.

The preacher man in finance never talk to me, but common sense tells me that if only ten cents in every dollar we collect could go towards development, no real delivery could take place until and unless we change that.


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