A few things to smile about

On Saturday 27th July 2013, son of the soil Kirani James won yet another 400m race. This time it was at the Anniversary games Diamond league competition held in London, England.

Most athletic pundits worldwide believe that Kirani is well on his way to retaining his world championship 400m title at the Moscow world championships in August. The very next day, on Sunday 28th July, racecar driver Lewis Hamilton (a Grenadian by descent) convincingly won the Formula 1 grand-prix race staged in Hungary.

This show of success at the International level, coming from these two fine young men, products of a small island nation of circa 100,000 people, is a remarkable statistic. The lesson here, is that success, although not a birthright, can be realised as a result of self-discipline, hard work, and the honing of apparent skills.

The Internationally respected hotel chain Sandals is on the ground in Grenada, employing some 600 Grenadians, as they work at upgrading/renovating the old La Source property at Point Salines.

And the long awaited CCC farm roads project is about to launch into action, putting hundreds of persons back to work.

National elections were held in Grenada in February of this year, and the people of the country were afforded the opportunity to elect a Government of their choice.

Regardless of one’s personal political preferences, it is comforting to know that the decision as to who administers our nation’s affairs, still lies in the hands of the people, and not subject in its entirety to the vagaries of any particular political party.

Now, if only we could find someone to come forth to sprinkle some holy water in the West Indies cricket teams dressing room!


Roger Byer

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