Open Letter to Hon. Anthony Boatswain

Hon. Anthony Boatswain

Minister of Education

St George


Dear Mr. Boatswain,


The confession of Dr. Jeffrey Britton- Principal of TAMCC at the school’s graduation ceremony that the institution is facing financial constraints confirmed that what was stated in the article is true. This is the reason why we the people of St. Patrick expect you to move expeditiously to reinstate the St. Patrick’s Multi-Purpose Training Centre.

There was not any long overdue process when it was transferred to TAMCC so reversing the decision should not be any problem. Instead of government having to find money to give to them; just relieve them of the St Patrick’s Multi-Purpose Training Centre. That will ease Dr. Britton and his management team from some of their financial burdens.

At a time when government is having difficulty to meet their financial commitments how will it justify giving more money to TAMCC especially when the reason for their financial constraints could be because to bad management of the funds and the high salaries for staff?

It would be wise to investigate the finances (spending) of the college to see where they can, “cut out the fat.” It is possible that the increase in subvention would only go towards paying the extravagant salaries to the staff and it would not be beneficial to the students.

I don’t believe that these people are interested in the education of our children. What substantial improvement have they made to the institution over the years? Some years ago a reputable regional financial institution classified the school as a, “glorified secondary school” and they have not made any significant change since.

Every year more than half of the students graduate with an Associate Degree in Business. If they can’t afford to go to a university they end up on the unemployment list because the market is saturated. TAMCC has not offered anything new so SGU is taking away many of the students and with UWI at the door, heaven help them. Unless government steps in now it seems as though they are doomed.

In your interview on REAL FM 91.9 you reiterated the importance of technical education in our modern society. TAMCC is not helping to train our children to prepare them for the opportunities that the modern society has to offer.

TAMCC only offers one associate degree course (business) at the St Patrick campus; that is a waste of time. If they want to maintain their presence in St Patrick they can do so on the land (appx. 3 acres) which was given to them by your government prior to the 2008 general election. We want St Patrick Multi-Purpose Training Centre back.

We are experiencing financial difficulties and as a result many more people are being categorised as poor. Economists believe that the solution to combating poverty is to provide the poor with better education and training and with better jobs both in the public and private sector. They also recommend that government should pump a considerable amount of money into projects to create employment.

Our government boasts of the many investors that are lined up to invest in the country. That is commendable, but if our youth are not trained to take up these opportunities we will have to import skilled labour and the problem of poverty will not be solved.

The Administrator at the St. Patrick’s Campus has been an educator for many years. He holds a MA in Technical Education. He has proven over the years that he is quite competent to manage the school and to chart the way forward.

We in St Patrick’s are confident that along with his competent and dedicated staff they can restore the SPMTC to the enviable position it had previously and will provide serious competition to TAMCC’s technical department. They can in September 2013 recommence classes in auto-mechanic repairs, welding, technical drawing, building technology, furniture making, electrical installation, electronics, hospitality and can introduce new skills such as auto-body repairs and computer programming and repairs.

Too many of our children are completing secondary school and are idle at home or on the block because we cannot afford the exorbitant fees at TAMCC and the high cost of transportation to St George’s. Remember idle hands are the devil’s workshop.

SPMTC can provide certificate courses for those with less than five CXC Subjects, Associate Degrees for those with five or more CXC Subjects and it can train and certify skilled persons so that they can obtain their skills certificate.

Let me reiterate the fact that the transfer is not difficult. The staff at SPMTC is paid by government and the building belongs to government. All it takes is the fortitude to make the move. You will meet with opposition but the outcome will determine the type of leader you are.

You have a choice to make, either you please the opportunists at TAMCC or the people of St Patrick’s. I hope you have the fortitude to fulfill your election promise and make the SPMTC a reality

With great anticipation.


Concerned Parent

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