Legislation most foul

This proposed legislation (internet crime bill) is attempting to place a yolk or muzzle on the people of Grenada.

Millions of people have died for the right to free speech and freedom of the press.

The most cherished freedom in America is free speech and press freedom.

The U.S Congress and Senate zealously guard these two freedoms. Any attempt to curb or infringe on their freedom spells war.

As a U.S Army veteran, millions of Americans would be willing to lay their life on the line to protect the right to enforce those freedoms.

Most of our television programs in Grenada are American. Can you imagine a Grenadian going to court because they are offended by the “fornicate” word? Insane!!

All civilized nations of the world are providing greater freedoms for their citizens. Grenada is proposing to provide less.

I can well envision other free nations of the world imposing a well-deserved ban on tourism to Grenada if this legislation is approved.

This proposed legislation is intended to shield the Prime Minister from criticism. Shame on you.


R. Rowley



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