‘Hope’ to NDC-ites

Death puts an end to the physical body. The flesh with all its vanities and sinfulness is no more, but the Spirit is alive and active, it still has work to do.

Nothing can be done with a body that is dead. It cannot be healed. It cannot be restored. It has no senses. It has no purpose.

But believers know that death is not the end of all life. They also know that before bodily death sets in we have the promise of both physical and spiritual life.

To gain further ordinary life in the face of imminent or eventual death, one must experience a re-birth through a renewal of the spirit. One must commit to a fresh and sacrificial purpose. One must repent of the old and take on the new with a spirit of faithfulness.

That is the lesson of the Hezekiah story. When the rut has set in and the judgment has been decreed, do not recount the good works that you had done; do not talk about how you had kept the law (for example, loyalty to the NDC).

Neither of those will gain you additional life. You get more time living in the flesh if you embrace a spirit of change or repentance where praise to the Lord is paramount, and where there are witnesses to your acts and devotions of faithfulness to the promises you have made.

So there are conditions that you must fulfill if you are to get the grant, because you have no claim or right to it.

What was true of Hezekiah yesterday is true of the NDC today, and it is true of those who lead or wish to lead the NDC. It is also true of all of us, as individuals, in the particular circumstances of our lives.

February 19, 2013 was a day of temporary political death, not a day of permanent political burial. Life, from February 20, calls for a new and different character; a new and different set-up; a new and different commitment; a new and different ethos.

If these things and more are done ‘FOR LOVE OF THE NDC’, then, as an organisation in the local politics, the party will be assured of a proud future in the service of the Grenadian people.

Let us now receive and accept more scriptural authority for this sharing. Go to John 12:24-25, where Jesus is speaking: “I tell you the truth, unless a grain of wheat is buried in the ground, dead to the world it is never any more than a grain of wheat. But if it is buried, it sprouts and reproduces itself many times over. In the same way, anyone who holds onto life just as it is destroys that life. But if you let it go, reckless in your love, you’ll have it forever, real and eternal.”

What a direct and powerful message to the brothers and sisters of the post-February 19, NDC! The electorate did not bury the NDC. That job is left to the NDC to do for itself, in the form of planting ‘NDC grains’ for a more successful future in politics and governance. THIS IS THE VERY ESSENCE OF ‘HOPE’!

Clearly, it is a big mistake to think that one simply has to cling to the coat tails of the NDC and a new life of relevance, appeal and acceptance will come. It is a bigger mistake to try to show one’s face everywhere (‘turn-up politics’) or to try to talk one’s way into a better place among the people.

But the mistake is biggest if one fails to listen to the people regarding why they pronounced the death sentence on the NDC (plural and singular) on February 19, 2013. If one listens carefully, one will hear the people saying: “change course, re-brand yourself, wash yourself of division and take on the armour of unity, find us a strong and inspirational leader and come back to us in time”.

Now therefore is the time for the NDC to face the judgment with humility and to hasten the planting for a new life. It is the time to commence the building of a new future. That which is old must go in peace and the new must come alive in love, unity and fruitfulness.

The road to that new destination is not measured by human miles and time. The importance of time is primarily in relation to when (how soon) the NDC addresses and positions itself to claim its own future.

‘FOR LOVE OF THE NDC’, it is suggested that the process involves clarity and agreement about what is in the best interest of the NDC; internal re-engineering with new systems and teams; understanding and appreciation of the demographics, the interests and dominant thinking patterns of the different sections of society, honest reality self-checks (ask yourself, what is my personal brand image among the people?) and more.

There are two other critically important fundamentals that must be actioned, namely: A branding project so that the NDC becomes known among the people as a party that touches their lives in positive ways (prosperity), identifying and electing a leader for Grenada (acceptable across the society) as distinct from finding a leader for the NDC (acceptable to party members), per se.

This idea may well be revolutionary, but the NDC is faced with unique circumstances, internally and in the socio-political environment, which calls for brave and non-traditional approaches on the question of leadership.

Five hundred delegates at Convention must, by then, have found a way to reflect the thinking of the society as a whole and not act in accordance with their personal preferences (likes and dislikes).

This calls for a set of agreed criteria and a highly democratic process, including safeguards to nurture and maintain a spirit of brotherly love. If the NDC gets the leadership question wrong they can proceed to cremate the bodies! Amen.

‘FOR LOVE OF THE NDC’, there should be no ‘sacred cows’; no decreed inheritance; no natural succession; no King David to Solomon enthronement; no leadership by admiration, reward or payback. None of these things will help the NDC to achieve success in the future.

What will restore the NDC is strong, clear, people-sensitive branding; the quality and diligence of its work; the efficiency of its organisation; the mettle and strength of the teams it deploys; the tasks assigned to and feedback from its ground forces; its programming to youth and women; the good sense and attractiveness of its development plans; the burial of disunity and all vestiges thereof; the appeal and ready acceptance of its leader; a ‘clinging and stinging’ PR strategy; among others.

This is a time to win attention, not by common place anti-Government noises, but by various forms of serious and convincing representation, and through positive resonance among the people on the important issues of the day.

These issues are not merely political or economic, they are also social (relationships with people). The goal is to receive the affirmation of the electorate at the right time.

So all talk about ‘Obeah’ must cease! Insensitive bumper stickers must be removed! Care must be taken to avoid accusations of hijacking the ‘delivery train’ and the temptation to predict its derailment pre-maturely!

Remember that ‘snapshot politics’ are essentially tactical in nature; they must fit within a strategy. Boiling emotions, as powerful as they are, will not take the NDC to the top. Fighting instincts are useful and necessary, but they don’t really go very far without guidance and leadership.

Taken together, boiling emotions and fighting instincts will simply and surely ‘bung-away’ the NDC! Diligent, disciplined and purposeful work is the key. The NDC must create its own moving train and contrive an NNP vulnerability map as the strategic context for its work!

It is standard menu to monitor things and to make critical observations. Nothing is wrong with that. But it must not be your main course. The reason for the existence of the NDC is to serve the people as government. That is an honourable goal set by the Founding Fathers.

All NDC-ites must come to the field ready to do a serious job of planting (not personal positioning); prepared to sacrifice; and willing to subordinate self-interests and such vanities.

Indeed, it might well be immeasurably better for some to see, position and commit themselves as the ‘SALT’ of the NDC in this period.

Like David in the Bible, you must pitch your camp “in the land of hope”.

Do these things ‘FOR LOVE OF THE NDC’.


The Gate Keeper

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