Do more for the victims and their families

Many people are observing that prisoners, who would have committed heinous crimes against person or persons, are being treated with greater interest and fairness than the victims and the victim’s family.

In recent times, we have witnessed Organisation such as Human Rights Watch etc., becoming more embolden and forcibly ensuring that prisoners who are doers of serious crimes are given maximum privileges and special consideration in preference over those they have committed the crimes against.

As a result of such cozy and protective treatment to those prisoners, the would-be criminals, may be encouraged to commit similar acts against other citizens believing that they are justified in committing such crimes.

This certainly would have a negative effect on Society by way of causing lack of confidence in the Institution, which is supposed to protect us from those who would break the law.

We therefore need to ponder here and think of the implications such situations could have on the Security of our Nation.

Let me therefore call on the Human Rights Bodies to broaden their reach of fairness, which should include the victims and the victim’s families in bringing justice to all.

In conclusion, I am advising the families of victims to form themselves into a National Body, for the purpose of better representing their interest under the law in times of distress.

Let us make our society more civilised.


Martin Redhead

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