Professionals or house slaves

During the past years, particularly during the period 1995 to 2008 we have witnessed the complete partisan polarisation of our public service in ways we could never have imagined.

Most of us would have seen black movies about slavery and are familiar with the term house slave, a house slave is one who gets the privilege of working in the comforts of massa’s house and therefore is entitled to a little more than the other slaves.

It is sad that we have persons in the service today behaving in like manner. One such example is a big boy in the Ministry of Finance – this man has shown his political bias so openly and vulgarly that one has to question his integrity and professionalism.

It is well known that this goodly gentleman was the person served in the Ministry of Finance during all the shameful and harmful transactions of the past NNP, transactions that cost this nation millions of dollars for which we have nothing to show and lots to pay back.

One could recall such matters as the Call Center deal, the Grynberg oil deal, the Marketing Board deal, the Garden Group deal, the St. Mark’s poultry farm deal, the Capital Bank deal, the First Bank deal, the Emerging Technologies deal, SGL Holdings, the Levera hotel, Four Seasons hotel, the Trinidad petroleum fund to name a few – all deals that have failed.

With a record like that, only NDC and a man like Tillman Thomas would have allowed such an individual to stay on in such a sensitive position in our financial department after 2008.

This man who should be so thankful to God for what God allowed in his case, he should never now have the nerve to join with his Master from the west in victimising poor people all in the disguise of financial restructuring.

It was said in certain circles while many NDC supporters were calling for the head of this man that he was indispensable simply because of his level of professionalism, and that agencies like the World Bank, the IMF and others recommended him for the job and so that was the reason he could not be moved.

Whether this was true or not, these agencies were not aware of his political bias and had no knowledge of how he behaves at home on the job, they were not aware of what was going on between him and particular members of his staff.

They were not aware of the seemingly pact of allegiance made between this man and his master in the NNP, while the NDC and Nazim thought that this man was so professional all this man did was honkered down, wait out the time while doing everything possible to embarrass the NDC government and ensure it failed.

This is now plain for all to see, his opportunity to strike has come and he is surely using it well. There are those of us who believe that this man was just playing a game all along and was not interested in seeing Grenada succeed under any other government but that of the NNP.

Let us take a look at some simple facts and judge for ourselves. How can this man be called a professional when during the 4 1/2 years of the NDC the man was almost invisible on the airwaves and television when it came to speaking about the nation’s finances?

How come since after February 2013, the same man is all over the media? How professional is he when in 2007 just before the elections, he sanctioned the renewal of contracts for scores of his partisan friends, but refused to do the same since 2012 in an effort to keep out persons he perceived to be the enemy?

How professional is he when he refused to carry out the directives of the then Cabinet, and even refused to follow through on a warning letter from the then Cabinet Secretary? Is not Cabinet higher than any person in the service?

How professional is this man that while he was so taken up with doing his master’s dirty work, the country was on the way to loosing funding, funding to the tune of over one million dollars with two projects on the sister isle of Carriacou, (namely the Top Hill Senior Citizens home and the Hospital renovation)?

These projects were both approved by the funding agency that financed them, Consultants were chosen, drawings done, contracts awarded, but to date these projects cannot start because of neglect of responsibilities made by this man.

It is now believed that the funding has been withdrawn because the projects will not be able to be completed by the end of the time stipulated.

What kind of professional would not be eager to get projects started and ensure that funding made available is being used to bring benefits to our nation?

Is this their way of creating jobs for the young people of the sister isle? Was this not a missed opportunity to fulfill the one thousand jobs in the 100 days promise? Is this not a clear case of burning down the house to kill a mouse? Why wasn’t the focus on keeping the funding in place?

Shouldn’t that have been the first thing to do after winning an election, or was it more important to get rid of the perceived enemy?

This man’s excuse like most others is that he was just carrying out orders, but I would like to point out that this man is no ordinary civil servant, This man is also a man of the flock and has a duty according to the word of God to be fair and do the right thing in every instance.

This man is a preacher and every time he opens his mouth to speak at some public function he invokes God. One would expect that a man with such a background would bring his Godly influence and experience to bear on any instructions given him, and would not just tow the line like many others.

This man and others like Carl Hood is among persons who are making it so much more difficult for the unsaved to believe in the church and it’s message of love and oneness.

I wonder how this man would feel on a Sunday morning when he is up on his pulpit and see people like myself and others who he would have victimised, sitting in the pews staring at him.

Will he be able to preach? Will he be able to call on us to give to his church? Will he be able to shake our hands after the service and say God bless you with all honesty? I don’t think so.

As a person who knows better I hold no animosity against this man, nor do I wish him any harm or illwill, I simply feel that I should put this out so that Grenadians can understand what our dear little country has been going through and will continue to go through.

The difficulties we face both politically and financially, it is men like these who do not have dignity and conviction in what they preach, men who for the sake of a dollar will sell their mother to enjoy a certain status and position.

These are men who believe that money and power is everything and that nothing else matters, these are the kinds of people who are doing irrepairable damage to our dear country. It is said that all that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to remain silent, there is no other place this is true as here in his case.

The NNP leader pledged no politics of hate and spite this time around, but we all know that is just ole talk. We all know that this man speaks from both sides of his frilled mouth.

We are all witnessing the sending home of thousands of our people by the NNP while they are busy replacing those workers with their party supporters and activists.

The questions that must now be asked are: How does the NNP expect to unite the country by putting so many people out of a bread? How do they expect these same people to come on board and work to build the country under NNP? How do they expect to change the perceptions of those whom they are now victimising? How do they expect to attract the best minds to solve the problems of the State?

Also, is this not going to be another cycle of eat a food governance and whenever the NNP falls the cycle will continue with whoever comes,?

This is just another example of the NNP leader and lies to our people about no job victimisation. The NNP is making the very mistakes that brought them down in 2008, they have just picked up from where they left off in July 2008. Same ole hogwash in the media while they do their dirty work behind closed doors.

What I want to tell the Prime Minister is that God has given him a second chance, a chance to redeem himself, a chance to right the wrongs of the past, don’t blow it, God is not asleep and it may not require an election to remove him and his NNP, God is in charge and knows when enough is enough, so don’t gloat too much about this second chance.

You made promises, you asked for forgiveness, yet you are not willing to forgive yourself. If after all the things you have done, you have been given a second chance, don’t you believe that people like the Commissioner and others deserve one too?

Forgiveness is a process not an act, your man in the Ministry of Finance should know this and be the first one willing to teach you our goodly Doctor.

Astute Patriot

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