For a party that promised all kinds of pie in the sky deals during its past thirteen years, most of which never materialized, and to be allowed back in the driver’s seat now fooling us again sure is stupid on our part.

But it takes only an immature and impatient section of our population to have been fooled so easily once again.

During the last election campaign the NNP in its vintage form promised the sky and to bring water in a basket to Grenadians, particularly our youths who fell for it again.

Some of us who studied the NNP leader over the years would have known that this man speaks with a forked tongue, he has a history of saying whatever he thinks must be said to suit the occasion, but saying and doing the opposite when facing the reality of the situation.

Let us examine some of the things the man said that we now can identify as lies.




The NNP leader claims to have a PH.D in Statistics and Mathematics, if that is so how come he and the Youth Minister could not figure out that over six thousand young people were unemployed.

Before the elections they had a plan for the same young people who were their priority. However the man seems to believe that giving his reject boys and girls jobs as advisors and to chair state boards for thousands of dollars a month, would do wonders for the youth.

Imagine all these people are collecting pensions and in most cases more than one pension, yet every time the man opens his mouth he talks about the youth and the aged, maybe he is now starting to mix up his rejects as youths.

They called out the young people in Grenville to make a fool of them, filling out a set of forms, then they now setting the bar so high with passport and all sorts of other hurdles that already lots of the same young people getting fed up.

And to make matters worse, they increase the youth age to 38! Can you imagine? And to top it off God alone knows what will happen to the additional hundreds of young people graduating from Secondary School and TAMCC in July 2013 who will be joining the existing six thousand.




The forked tongue man ranted and raved all over the place when NDC sealed the deal with T&T on our boundaries delimitation. The man said it was the worst deal we could have got, it was a sell out and gave the impression that he would, upon assuming office, re-negotiate a new deal.

Now the man needs money so bad that he in bed with the T&T girl and she boys to try and strike oil ASAP, now he have the Trinis coming up to cement a deal on the basis of the same bad deal of the boundaries he vowed to change.

The problem is that he found himself in such a mess now, that he can’t take a chance to waste time renegotiating. NNP needs the oil money to be able to deliver.




The man, while in opposition, accused the NDC government of exorbitant travel – now every Monday morning he and the crew are on the plane and when they return it is with empty hands.

The man now in government feels he is saving the taxpayers millions by hiring old NNP rejects like the woman who owns four houses, receives two pensions, has a part time job in the south and gives her thousand of dollars each month.

How on earth could this be in the interest of the tax payers when this woman did absolutely nothing of substance that can be boasted of in a big way.

How is cutting back on waste equated with having all this huge contingent of SSU and plain clothes police all around him when he travels, as if somebody studying to do him something?

How is NNP saving the state money by paying two Commissioners of Police and two Commissioners of Prisons? How is NNP saving the taxpayers money when all the material on most of the road projects started under the NDC government has been removed, and the material now being stolen from places like Radix and elsewhere by some of their own supporters?

How is traveling to the USVI with a contingent of over seven persons to a minor conference saving tax payers money in this time? How is having a policeman stationed at the Lowther’s Lane entrance on mornings to supervise traffic into the Botanical Gardens saving us money? Was that ever necessary with the previous Prime Minister?




The forked tongue NNP leader continues to call for unity and reconciliation, he continues to call for people to make sacrifices when at the same time, he and his hatchet man in the Ministry of Finance, continue to victimize people whom they know or perceive not to be their supporters.

While the man saying unity and sacrifice in one breath he combining a list of who they need to purge from the system at the same time. How could he expect the children and loved ones of those he disposing of now to ever unite with him and his NNP?

How could he ever hope to achieve unity when the same bunch of greedy people who don’t want to see no one else but themselves and their NNP supporters live and prosper, are the ones now sticking to him like flies in honey, hoping to start the ball rolling again like the last time around even though they know there is no money.


Patriotic Grenadian



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