For a party that promised all kinds of pie in the sky deals during its past thirteen years, most of which never materialised, and to be allowed back in the driver’s seat now fooling us again sure is stupid on our part, but it takes only an immature and impatient section of our population to have been fooled so easily once again.

During the last election campaign, the NNP in its vintage form promised the sky and to bring water in a basket to Grenadians, particularly our youths who fell for it again.

Some of us who studied the NNP leader over the years would have known that this man speaks with a forked tongue – he has a history of saying whatever he thinks must be said to suit the occasion, but saying and doing the opposite when facing the reality of the situation.

Let us examine some of the things the man said that we now can identify as lies.


LIE # 1 — NNP TO THE RESCUE – The man said the NNP had a rescue plan and was waiting to take us out of the mess he and Boatswain put us in. They said borrowing was not the problem as long as you could pay back, now he saying we can’t pay back, and the problem is worse than he thought.

He also said that the NNP made a mistake of borrowing too much, and tried to solve all their problems by borrowing, that the country has still not recovered from Ivan and Emily when he himself took praise for what he said was a complete recovery during the past NNP rule, that we must talk with the IMF.

All the time he was saying is NDC mis-management, now is the international world crisis and the hurricanes that cause us not to recover.

Where is the so-called rescue plan since he is now claiming that he did not know how bad things were? A proper plan would have taken into account worst-case scenarios, if he ever had one.

This is no different from throwing a man into the Carenage waters then jumping in to pretend you saving his life. How laughable when the NNP is the one who put this country in the financial mess it is in now?

How then could they be the ones to come to the rescue in the true sense, but in a way it’s poetic justice that they are the ones who have to bathe in the same muddy mess they made.


LIE # 2 — OVER 1000 JOBS IN 100 DAYS – This one is so laughable that it’s not funny – it makes you cry. After promising that NNP will deliver over 1000 jobs in the first 100 days, the man still has the guts to try to hoodwink us with this sham of CCC road project.

They run and launch the CCC Road Project and the St Mark’s Mitigation project just before the 100 days count and no work start yet. Now they saying actual work will commence soon. What work will really start in any serious way, and there are no surveyors, engineers, and most important the construction equipment, on island to date?

What real work could start on the roads if the asphalt plant was sabotaged and must be repaired to produce asphalt? What work could start if the quarry at Mt Hartman is out of order and has to be repaired before stones could be crushed?


LIE # 3 — INVESTORS LINED UP TO INVEST— During the past four years the NNP boss claimed that he had it all tied up as far as investors go. He mentioned the many investors he met on his overseas trips who were all committed and waiting to come in and invest as soon as the NNP wins, even the Russians were said to be lurking around all during the campaign.

Now after the NNP star economist and investment advisor declared Grenada open for business once again, and investors should come with their cheque books, to date not one investment project is being truly put forward.

The so-called land purchasers from neighboring oil-rich T&T seem skeptical, the only investments mentioned so far is the same package of projects initiated, and for which funding was secured by the past NDC government; even the crooks and conmen like Van Brink seem hard to find this time around.

The NNP kept their appointment with the IMF because they had no choice even though they knew it would hurt their chances of attracting investors to the country; and no matter what ole talk the man gives us about securing any good deal that won’t hurt us, that will not be his call to make, since it will be the creditors and the IMF who will be in the driver’s seat and will be the ones calling the shots.


LIE # 4 — NO VICTIMIZATION THIS TIME AROUND— The man said big and bold in the budget speech and on other occasions even before then, he wants all Grenadians on board once they are willing to do the Government’s work, and that his government will be a government of inclusion.

The man says the NNP will respect contractual workers yet still so many people on contract got instant notices to go home, not even being properly compensated and having no job to go to.

Check what the man did to the Commissioner of Police hours after his fork-tongued speech in Parliament; check what he did to the Commissioner of Prisons, the Chief of Immigration, the Cabinet Secretary and many other public servants including policemen like the head of FIU, the head of the Sauteurs police station.

Even the very young people who manned the outreach offices across the island were suddenly not young enough because they were hired by NDC – and he talk about feeling it for the youths.

Is that how he’s really feeling it for the youths?


Patriotic Grenadian



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