Too much firing!!!

Grenada is slowly being destroyed by the Keith Mitchell-led NNP in their quest to deliver. This government has made so many promises that they are now finding it hard to fulfill. But what is happening now is just a continuation of the NNP’s first thirteen years in office.

Once more the Royal Grenada Police Force is their toy. NNP has employed a retired police officer to run the force while Commissioner Thompson is on leave. Mr. James has proven to be ineffective and just following the dictates of his political masters just as he did while in office for the first thirteen years of NNP.

The NNP has quickly began to put loyal supporters in place so the sending home on leave of two senior officers is a well thought out plan.

These two officers have given more than sixty years of service between them. The government wants to send them home unceremoniously. My understanding is that they were called in and given a letter to sign accepting early retirement. They were told that room is being made for younger persons and their upward mobility.

Yet, Mr. James is past sixty, retired, and rehired. Why couldn’t Mr. Redhead a younger man, the current deputy be given the job? It seems as though once a policeman reaches fifty-five he will be offered early retirement to make way for younger NNP officers.

The police force is slowly being destroyed. Officers’ morale is beginning to wane, tensions are mounting and there is a high level of mistrust among members of the force. NNP’s decision to interfere in the running of the force will only ensure square pegs are placed in round holes.

The placing of Ashley Folkes in the prison as Commissioner is a slap in the face of the dedicated officers who have been serving for years. Like the police force, the prison is slowly being destroyed.  How can one talk of upward mobility when retired, aging men are being rehired to fill vacant positions. The prison is slowly being destroyed.

It is a known fact that NNP never really supported the resurgence of the Cadets. Now, NNP wants to pull support from the Cadets because of Nigel Noel. How absolutely absurd! Nigel Noel is Grenadian and has rights as well. How can you talk of loving young people and still destroy an entire organisation because you hate one man?

So many people are being sent home from their jobs. The NNP High Priest was bold enough to say it is because they were not productive. How long have they been unproductive? Who determined that they were unproductive? Were they really unproductive or are they being sent home to make place for party loyalists?.

Has the right to work given by the Constitution to these people taken away by Keith and NNP. Where are the union leaders who were so vocal a few months ago?

Grenada is slowly being dragged into a dictatorial state again. How can respectable men and women in the NNP support all the firings that are taking place? Are the people being fired from the constituency of these ministers? Do these ministers have the guts to stand up and show their disagreements with what is happening?

Is the silence of these honourable men and women suggesting that they are too dependent on the High Priest for the job and that they are afraid to speak out?

Grenada is slowly being destroyed.


Peaceful Soul


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