Carriacou in Turmoil!!!

“Your services are no longer required”, the reason given to over 20 young people by the Ministry of Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs for the termination of their jobs.

But is this in keeping with the message of “the politics of spite and hate is over and no victimisation, just do the people’s job” by Prime Minister the Right Hon. Dr. Keith Mitchell?

Well, the actions by the Minister for Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs along with the Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs, Gertrude Niles have definitely shown otherwise.

From since assuming office in May 2013, her main task seems to be the dismissal of government employees and disrespecting senior heads.

What is even more appalling is that when asked the reason/s for the dismissal, her answers vary from government is seeking to reduce its wage bill to she is only following instructions.

How ludicrous, as a former educator who helped to shape so many young minds and the mother of two young girls not yet teenagers, the question asked to the PS is; are you satisfied that you are disrupting so many young lives?

Please explain the dismissal of three (3) young mothers with immediate effect, the dismissal of young Nazim Gay after the Environmental Wardens’ programme was closed and he was transferred to the Public Works Division, only to be given a dismissal letter less than two (2) months after.

We can even go further, the recall of Patricia Charles and Kevin Stanislaus to the Public Works Division and within 24 hours given a second dismissal letter.

We the people need the answers. There are even more cases where other workers were transferred, made to feel comfortable on the job, then later dismissed – receptionist Nicole Clement to Resource Centre and Community Development Officer and Roxanne Cox – Limlair Farm.

What about the geriatric workers, ladies employed at the Paradise Beach Washroom Facility, Environmental Wardens, as well as workers at the Windward Fish Centre – all dismissed and no reason/s given.

While these people are sent home, known political activists are being hired to do the said jobs. Are we serious about national development? A bad precedence is being set. Are we asking our young people whenever seeking employment with government that they need to list their political affiliation on their resume.

This is a total abuse of the system. How can our Parliamentary Secretary and Senator the Hon. Jester Emmons sit and accept such, he should be one to bridge that gap.

Before the 2008 elections he was the Personal Assistant to the then Minister, Hon. Elvin Nimrod but gained employment with the Ministry of Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs as Senior Coach with the NDC Administration.

We are on a revengeful path – hope this does not spell disaster for our beloved island.

The level of disrespect and courtesy for Public Service Commission appointed staff has become overbearing. Imagine the Executive Officer for Petite Martinique was in Carriacou for a meeting and upon returning to office, his office material was waiting for him outside.

All efforts are being made to frustrate these workers, take for instance the Public Relations Officer was sent to Grenada for two weeks of training which never occurred, and while she was out, her office was occupied by the political appointed Director of Public Relations.

Upon her return she was sent to another office, not suitable for work, the sun hits directly in the office, rusty chair, no computer or internet lines. How many more would be made to suffer all in the name of politics?

Are our present leaders contented with the present state of affairs? Why are people being treated along political lines?

Now is the time to pull our brightest and creative minds together especially when the world is facing an economic crisis. Imagine Barbados, one the Caribbean’s most robust economies is having fiscal problems as announced by their Central Bank.

We are calling on our regional and international friends to please take a look at what is happening on the 13 square miles island of Carriacou, you are being fooled by our leaders when they attend those overseas conferences.

With a population of over 7,000 imagine how many mouths are being affected when close to 40 persons already lost their jobs with the majority being young people.

For a party that says they care about young people they are doing the opposite. Are we saying to the young people after you fire them to apply under the Imani programme (training) and still no guarantee as even that is politicised.


Kayak Lover

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