There are no two sides

It was rather unfortunate the manner in which a genuine caller had to be short stopped in her tracks when she aired her opinion on me not being on the “Sundays With George Grant” programme on June 30, 2013 along with the President of the Grenada Olympic Committee, Mr. Royston La Hee.

There must have been a communication problem between George and myself. Hence I was very shocked and embarrassed when I listened to the rebroadcast and heard him say he invited me to be on the programme and I refused to show up or call.

I will like to set the record straight to the many listeners who were disappointed in my seemingly coward act after writing an article that has caught the attention of so many at home and abroad.

I had a telephone conversation with Mr. Grant on Thursday, June 20, 2013 when he referred to my article and the NEW TODAY editorial of June 21, 2013.

He said that he held discussions with Mr. La Hee who confirmed that he will be on his programme, Sunday, June 30, 2013. I did indicate that I was willing to be on his programme anytime, but I did not commit to being there last Sunday.

As far as I am concerned our conversation was more than a week prior to the interview and if George did not see it fit to call me to confirm that I would appear and at what time. He really should not have made such statements.

Mr. La Hee in his interview had a field day on the editorial and my article which he described as, “A PACK OF NONSENSE” and “FOOLISHNESS” with nothing to substantiate my claim that the elections were shady, corrupt and unconstitutional.

He also made reference to my pre-elections TV interviews where I forecasted that Saturday May 25, 2013 will be recorded as the darkest day in the history of Sports Administration in Grenada.

He repeatedly stated that the elections were properly conducted with no discord or dissent from any of the ten council members who attended and voted.

Hence, he can’t understand how Mr. Robinson who was not at the meeting, who is not a member of any of the affiliated associations, who have not been involved in Sports Administration for over fifteen years, could make such accusations.

Is Mr. La Hee implying that I or anyone else with concerns are not qualified to speak on matters related to the affairs of the GOC? Is he not aware that GOC business is the business of all Grenadians and that the Executive and Council are just voluntary stewards empowered to manage and conduct the business of the GOC in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and not as they see fit?

Mr. La Hee and his team in their preparation for his interview were so focused on portraying me as a trouble and confusion maker with the seemingly ulterior motive of discrediting the GOC leadership; they failed to reasonably accept that my comments may have some kind of credibility and that their actions may have been flawed.

Instead he chose to chastise me for not giving reasons to substantiate my accusations and the nonsense I wrote between the first and last paragraphs which had no relevance to my condemning and challenging the conduct of the AQGM.

I wish to advise the GOC Executive and Council that my ulterior motive was to simply find a way outside the box to bring to the attention of stakeholders (which includes all Grenadians) that despite our athlete’s achievement between 2002 and 2012, the leadership of the GOC has performed way below par and that Council’s ignorance of their constitutional responsibilities need to be addressed.

Both Ray Roberts and Michael Bascombe alluded to this in their post-election commentary but they have the right to speak. I do not.

A quote from my article posted after the 2009 GOC AGM when the last General Elections were held will indicate that this is not the first time I have commented but this is the first time the GOC has responded.

Thanks to THE NEW TODAY’s editorial, the President was forced to respond and he chose not to discuss the constitutional breaches that Ray Roberts the outgoing 2nd Vice President outlined in the said editorial. Why? Maybe the President does not know if Ray was right or wrong.

To those who were disappointed and disturbed by me not giving references re paragraph one in my post-election article the time had to be right for me to do so.

Hence, I will refer to at least two constitutional breaches.


ARTICLES 13 (4) which relates to the order and conduct of the Special Quadrennial Meeting for Elections (SQGM) were not observed.

The constitution stipulates the agenda for the meetings. In fact the notices sent out on May 6, 2013 had a six (6) item agenda instead of a five (5) item agenda.

The President in the interview said that Article 13 (4-3) was breached by one day. I will like to see a copy of those notices because I have one in my possession dated May 6, 2013 and the meeting was held on May 25, 2013.

Experience is the best teacher, but with all his experience Bro. Ray refused to learn. Ray was the ring leader and a La Hee supporter when I challenged him for the Presidency in 1994 and I was white-washed.

He also was party to the manipulated demise of deceased Margaret Payne and Derick Steele in 2001-2005 when they challenged La Hee and suffered a less humiliating fate. May be Ray thought he was the chosen one to break the shackles.

My post-election comments in 2009 and 2013 say the same thing. This time eyebrows were raised.

Hereunder I quote the first three paragraphs of my 2009 comments.




For quite a while, I have been restraining myself from criticizing the Administration and Management of the G.O.A. and G.A.A.A — mainly due to my past experience of holding executive office in both associations.

However, there comes a time when enough is enough and the silence has to be broken. The Grenadian Voice column, “The Inside Moves,” by Ray Roberts in its issue dated May 15, 2009 headlined, “What a surprise!”

He described the manner in which the Grenada Olympic Association General Elections were once again disappointedly conducted. What a shame. Same old story.

The affiliated associations being represented by delegates with their own selfish agendas, supported by the derelict constitution, giving executive members voting power.

This undemocratic policy that has been talked about and not acted on since the mid 90’s, has only served to create opportunities for persons wishing to remain in office to manipulate the General Elections to do so.

There are no two sides to a story. The GOC should do it right! Observe Article (13-3) (Annual General Meeting) before Article 13-4 (Special Quadrennial General Meeting for Elections) because I am of the opinion that the constitution was so designed to give the outgoing executive an opportunity to account for their stewardship at the Eleven (11) item agenda AGM.

A very important reference for re-election at the Five (5) item Agenda SQGM.

George Robinson



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