Robberies on the rise

I will like to bring to the attention of the general public the amount of robberies that are taking place on this island and causing fear for our local and foreigners, alike that are not being reported to the police for fear of retaliation and the court’s bureaucracies.

This issue must be addressed urgently as we are preparing to welcome home returning nationals and visitors for carnival. They need to be extra vigilant of the surroundings where they live.

What I have seen is village bars being used as disguise to sell drinks etc. put engage in selling illegal stuff and I also saw a sign posted, “No Smoking”. Who are they trying to fool?

They are sitting and monitoring you at your property late into the night and early hour of the morning and thinking about how to make their attack.

So I want people to be on their guard especially with the new strange faces seen in their area and look closely at where they hang out because you can be their next intruder.


Careful Watcher


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