The Marina project in Carriacou

I write with concern regarding the proposed re start of the marina project at Tyrell Bay on Carriacou. Whilst I confess that I am not a Grenadian resident, I visit Carriacou as often as I can and have watched the development of the marina with some interest.

I should also admit that as a visitor but not one of the yachting fraternity I was quite worried about what this development would do to the environment and ecology of the island.

However, when work started I hoped that the project would be finished as soon as possible but when the work stopped my worry then was that there would be an area of wasteland with various items of plant and machinery left to rot away.

News now is that the developers are to return to the site to continue with the project. Given that the land was left almost derelict this news was welcome in that the project would finally be finished.

However there now seems to be an agreement between the Government and the developers regarding the re start of the project.

News reports seem to be saying that the original project was stopped by the developers because the previous NDC Government would not allow them to develop a further 7 1/2 acres of the island.

I suppose it would be safe to assume the NNP Government has now granted permission for the further development of the marina.

I would therefore like to know the answers to the following questions.


(1). It is alleged that the NDC government refused the further development on other than legitimate grounds. What was the reason for the refusal?


(2). The existing development lies between the mangrove area which I think is a protected area and the sea on the other side so where exactly are the 7 1/2 acres?


(3). On what basis has the land been made available, has it been sold, if so for how much, has it been leased, if so for how much or is there another deal for the use of the land, if so what is it?


(4). Have the people of Carriacou been consulted on the expansion of the project?


(5). Have the government been made aware of what the plans actually are in detail?


(6). Has there been an assessment carried out on the environmental/ecological effects on Tyrell Bay/Harvey Vale? If so what were the results, if not, why not?


Wat Tyler

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