The hundred days have come and gone

‘There is none so blind that would not see’. That statement bothers me deeply as I realise that we are a people grouping blindly for we know not what! We cannot identify what we want; no vision of where we ought to go, nor direction how to get there; no idea of what is substance nor what is ether or ephemeral.

On the contrary we have become a me-too nation growing a copy-cat generation, willing slaves to American TV and addicts of cell phone and Digicel gadgets, great at pushing buttons and viewing garbage or unable to think and carry on a sensible conversation.

Hence they become easy prey to the manipulative politicians who understand their vulnerability so will promise them they will deliver them on earth. So when Keith Mitchell promised them jobs and prosperity, they rewarded him with a sweep of the constituencies; how pitiful in their simplicity.

I left for New York on the Saturday of the election week. I voted for the NDC as I did on the previous election; not because I really cared for the NDC but under Tillman Thomas I felt they were the lesser of the two evils.

I was shocked and quite disappointed that Mitchell had won all fifteen seats. When one recalls, ‘The Pirate of Prague’ ‘The Stadium deal’, ‘The Call Centre Debacle, The Resteiner Show’, any of which is sufficient evidence to keep the good Doctor as far away from government as is humanly possible.

In my opinion this election amounts to putting the Manicou in the kitchen coup. But the people like him, ‘ he done a lot’. A lot for whom? A lot for Mitchell, his family and his minions? But we unsuspecting, trusting people believe he is working for Grenada.

I can tell you my dear brothers and sisters, Mitchell does not give a rat’s tail about the welfare and development of this dear land of ours. He is a skilled, astute but devious politician.

Everything he did in his previous thirteen years in office was for psychological reasons to dupe the electorate and to promote his image as a doer. Doer of what? He destroyed the flora and fauna of the Botanical Gardens and turned it into a toxic dump of glass and concrete, like the Perseverance dump of which he is tangentially responsible; the stadium, a white elephant.

Give me a break! I like the man but fear his intentions. ‘Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me’.

As I recall, looking at him on MTV the Monday night when he delivered his final appeal to the nation before the election on Tuesday, he was supreme in his address, saying all the right things, making all the grand promises.

Just listening to him would convince everyone to vote for the NNP. But if you were looking at him, with the body language and his contorted face you would run from him far and as far as possible.

I tend to pick up vibration fairly well (my mother’s gift and my acute 6th sense) and as I looked at Mitchell in his deliberate and deceitful address to the nation my hair stood on end. I felt I was experiencing an embodiment of evil. He was playing with the trust and emotion of the people and he knew it.

A word of caution here. Manipulation of the electorate and frivolity of the people’s trust has its metapyshical consequence; it is called Karma. It works as slowly but as surely as the sun rises.

Herbert Blaize described it as ‘what goes around, comes around’. Blaize must have been thinking about Caesar and Brutus. Truth is imperishable – man’s best armour.

Talking about Caesar and Brutus, most of our politicians like Maurice Bishop, Bernard Coard and their cohorts who were blinded in their drive for power; and at present Michael Baptiste, Patrick Antoine and Peter David who are not committed to any ideal and would trade their souls for the Prime Ministership.

All these guys are really caricatures of one of the most noble professions. Patriotism does not exist in their vocabulary. Money from any source and power by any means is their ultimate goal. Truth, honesty and decency do violence to their way of life.

And talking about way of life, ‘I would not exchange one country farmer for any five of them. To quote Jonathan Swift, ‘whoever could make two ears of corn or two blades of grass, to grow upon a spot of earth where only one grew before’ would deserve better of mankind and do more essential service to his country, than the whole race of politicians put together’

The first hundred days have come and gone. I did not expect much from the many promises. I know that Karma has set in. He has returned to the sty he created during the thirteen years of his previous administration and his job to clean up the mess.

It is quite doubtful that his singular feat in choosing a decent lady as Governor General is enough to ‘clean the lipstick from the pig’

There are seventeen hundred and twenty-five days left. I appeal to all who truly love this beautiful country of ours, as Mott Green, an American, loved it, please pray with me that the curse we brought on ourselves be lifted.

God loves this land and remember more things are wroth by prayer than the world dreams of’.

Dennis Canning


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