Treatment of Ministers on Labour Day

Please someone tell me what is wrong with our society. Every May Day as far back as I can remember the Ministers are booed while making their presentations. This is a matter that must be addressed urgently and in a serious way. Is it the correct thing for members of the unions to be doing?

I strongly believe that it is wrong and should be stopped immediately. There is no place in our society for such action by professionals. An apology should be sent to the Minister by the T.U.C.

Teachers, how will you feel to be in front of your class and the children are booing you? Public workers, how will you feel to be talking to your subordinates and they are booing you? What examples are we showing to the children of this nation? Is that the example we want them to follow? This action shows them how to be disrespectful to those in authority.

The trade unions in Trinidad take a decision not to invite any government official to Labour Day celebrations on June 19. I believe that this is a principled position. The unions have issues with the government. Instead of inviting the Minister and booing the individual, they did not invite anyone at all.

The T.U.C should do likewise and not invite the Minister. We all have issues with friends, relatives, family members, bosses and politicians. What actions do we take? Should we solicit support to boo them whenever the opportunity presents itself?

The answer in no. It is wrong, unprincipled and very much in bad taste – that form of protest.

Teachers, public officers and other workers, by your actions you are aiding and abetting the demise of disrespect in our society. Don’t get me wrong because not every teacher or worker is guilty of this action.

Brothers and sisters, we must draw the line. We can and must do better if the society has to succeed. We must be good examples to the younger ones in how we talk, dress, walk and conduct ourselves generally. We will be judged by the standard of our behaviour.

I am amazed that no one (media, civil society, T.U.C or the politicians) saw it fit to address this matter in a serious way.

Union members, tell Grenada if it right for you to invite someone to your house and allow your friends or children to boo them while they are speaking? This is insulting and morally wrong. Unions, are you condoning this type of behavior? If so shame on you.

The T.U.C should make a statement on the matter. MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS THIS GREAT LITTLE NATION OF OURS


Hawk Eye


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