Declare the GOC elections void!!!

Three weeks have passed since the Grenada Olympic Committee (GOC) held its 2013 Special Quadrennial General Meetings for Elections (SQGM) and it seems to me that only a handful of Grenadians are seriously concerned about the future of our sports men and women, based on our seemingly lack of interest in condemning the Elections which were undoubtedly conducted in a shady, corrupt and unconstitutionally manner.

Over the past two decades millions of dollars have been spent on Sports Policy, Sports Administration, Officiating and Coaching Courses, Athletes Development Programs including foreign and local athletes. What has been the return on our investment?

Tiny Grenada is once again in the spotlight worldwide in Track and Field due to the achievements and exploits of Kirani James but our fears continue with regards to management and care of our other athletes.

Grenada was in the Spotlight in 2003-2004 when Alleyne Francique was tipped to be Grenada’s 1st World & Olympic Champ. That did not come to fruition. However since Francique has gone on to be a successful University Track Coach in the USA, Kirani has raised the bar to the highest level.

But what about Athletes Kurt Felix and Rondell Bartholomew who were injured last year? What about the other 400m runners who were pressured to qualify for the 4×400 without proper supervision and management? What about our female foreign based Track and Field athletes who continue to cry out for financial support?

What do we expect from Esau Simpson in swimming and Andrea St. Bernard in Taekwondo? Are they preparing for better performances in 2013 with their sights on Brazil 2016?

I conclude by asking all Presidents of our national associations to Man Up! And Woman Up! Put the interests of our Athletes in front. Demand that the GOC Executive do the right thing. Declare the May 25, 2013 SQGM Void.

Call the 2013 AGM before the end of July. Give the Associations time to properly prepare for the SQGM and if the same officials are returned to office so be it.

Grenadians will then better appreciate and support the GOC.

George ‘Goaty” Robinson




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