A Tragic Accident

I was shocked and saddened to hear the news this morning of Mott Green, founder of Grenada Chocolate Company tragic accident on June 1, 2013.

Grenada Chocolate Company creates pure Organic Chocolate in a factory that is located in the lush cocoa groves of the rainforest in Grenada.

Grenada Chocolate Company is an Organic Cocoa Farmers and Chocolate-Makers’ Cooperative.

I met Mott Green at the Northwest Chocolate Festival in Seattle, WA last year. During the presentation I remember hearing Mott say that they are a small scale, small batch chocolate maker concerned for the environment.

They have over 200 acres and grow their cocoa without pesticides, fertilisers or herbicides.

Grenada Chocolate Company uses their own cocoa butter to process their chocolate. Additionally to protect the environment they made their own equipment to process the chocolate. As soon as the cacao is picked from the farmers, it is processed on site. This helps to keep the entire business process within the chocolate-farming community so that everyone benefits financially.

The machines they used were also refurbished antiques some of which they converted to use solar-electric power.

Mott was repairing some equipment at the Belmont Estate, St. Patrick, storehouse at the time of the accident according to police.

Mott’s wish and legacy to allow the cocoa farmers to benefit together with the Chocolate-makers will hopefully continue to live on as Grenada Chocolate Company.

I feel very lucky to have met Mott last year at the Seattle Chocolate Festival. We watched the award winning film – Nothing Like Chocolate that he was featured in.

We sat in the back of the room as he gave me little bits and bites of commentary while it was showing. We had a nice long chat about chocolate. He told me that he saw the future of Organic chocolate growing as more people become educated about the sustainability practices of companies like his.

Mott was a very hard working man that had never ending energy and pure Organic passion for his craft of bringing quality chocolate to the people around the world. He had such a light in his eyes when he spoke about his company, his friends and farmers.

I will cherish his stories and will honor and remember him with every melting square of Grenada Chocolate that touches my palate.

Rest in peace Mott …


Lisa Gluten


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