The attitude of public officers

The million-dollar question that can be asked about public officers is what can be done to change their work ethics. I must confess, there are some of them that display excellent qualities on the job day after day.

However, the vast majority of them leave a lot to be desired. They come to work any time and they leave when they feel like.

At times during the working day they disappear for long periods unknown to their Supervisors. Their behaviour towards the public is like you are disturbing them from their sleep in the middle of the night. They generally show a level of anger, arrogance or however you may call it towards the public.

Going to funerals seem to be an entitlement. It does not matter who died and where once they feel like going, they will go. It appears that they have a blanket permission to attend funerals.

Officers can be seen eating and drinking in the offices anytime of the day. All the offices have an eating area. They refuse to use those areas. All kinds of games are played on the computers daily.

I am convinced that with the existing conditions this country will never move forward. I am calling on the Prime Minister, the unions and the Public Service Commission to take a critical look at what is happening.

Is it a case of constant erosion of the system over the years? If this is so then who is to be blamed?

As a people with slavery as part of our history, are we still rebelling? Don’t we realise that the colonial masters disappeared many moons ago.

We became an independent nation in 1974. Can someone tell the workers that they are destroying their own country.

Please workers, step up and give the government value for its money. Wages must be earned. As the old cliché goes, ‘a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay’. Anything short of that is robbery.

Public workers, how do you feel when you are constructing your houses and the workers are not giving you the agreed hours? I am sure that you feel cheated. This is what you are doing to the government every day. Think about it. Look at yourself in the mirror. You are guilty of the same thing. Shame on you!

One school of thought is that the problem is both national and regional. Everyone wants to collect maximum monies and provide minimum labour for it. My people wake up. We are heading down the cliff of financial doom.

Value for your money should be rule number one for prudent spending. If one is not getting value for their money it means it is wasted or you are being cheated. No individual or country could afford wastages at this time.

At times I wonder if the attitudes of workers are a spill over from the politicians. In my humble opinion, most of the politicians over the years have a very relaxed attitude towards their jobs. They operate in similar fashion to the public servants. This must change. The managers must set the examples if we have to move forward

Let us move forward together on our feet not on our knees and bottoms. The leaders must rise up and lead the march to greater productivity in our beautiful little island.



Hawk Eye


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