Free will

Much is said for or against the administrative/administration of our tri-island state, who administered our country and very much so the economy.

I will like to comment on one recent announcement made by the present administration about what is needed to enable the State and its people to move ahead for the betterment of all.

It claims that the country/government not only owe many entities locally, but also regionally and internationally and since there is no money in the Treasury, but rather claims among them claims to the tune of ninety eight million dollars owed to locals, therefore, there is an urgent need for funds in order that the country may move forward hence they sought parliament’s approval to borrow $2 hundred million dollars to liquidate the debts among other things.

The $300 million question is? Will the administration be able to raise that $200 million from reputable entities at moderate and or concessional rate/s? One’s track record is an advantage or a disadvantage.

You may recall that an administration some years ago made a request to Parliament to loan $100 million to satisfy a similar need. The request was granted, the money was raised, but the debts were not all paid, one of which was for payment of the athletic stadium, which remain unpaid for up to now with interest added each day.

When God created the world and man, everything was perfect. He gave man dominion over everything. He gave them certain directives, also the FREE WILL to choose. Man did their own thing: Grenadians in like manner continue to do their own thing.

Are we suffering? What ever is the case our God chastens His children, therefore, we need to pray earnestly for forgiveness of that we may have committed.

Simeon Green



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