The Caravan of Hope

It’s rather unfortunate that our beloved country is becoming a land where if you are not of the same party and do not share the same view that you are treated differently and as though you are not a GRENADIAN.

Over the past 90 days of the New National Party’s return into office, we have seen a number of persons moved around, up and down the service and in all cases it is simply because the government of the day do not want to work with these persons.

Some of these Civil Servants are hard working and dedicated and do not care about party colour. Some of the workers were promoted to serve in various capacity as senior officers and today are paying for the promotion given by the Public Service Commission.

In the first 13 years of the NNP Government the same problems existed until we had a change in 2008. Over the 4 1/2 years of the Tillman Thomas Government, the Public Servant were left to perform their functions and had very little or no political interference. In other words the service was left to redeem itself.

The Civil Servants are now back in a spirit of fear and are even afraid to make decisions on behalf of their departments. What a shame? Any one would of thought that the Permanent Secretaries and their seniors would have been able to run their departments without political interference.

When the rulers of the day open their mouths and call for unity and for all hands to come together it is only vain words. Mr. Prime Minister all citizens must be treated equal. Please allow our officers and respective state corporations to effectively do their jobs.

Our Prime Minister said to the Grenadian People that there will be no witch hunting or political victimisation and we thought his words were a sealed deal and that the state business will go on smoothly.

It is time our politicians stop taking Grenadians for a ride. Dr. Mitchell, we have had enough of your foolishness and we ask the Heavenly Father to intervene for the transgression of our sins.

Not all Grenadians voted for this kind of treatment after enjoying 4 1/2 years of Thomas Government. We understood the difficult period the government faced after having a heavy debt burden which today is still weighing us down.

The ole talk of mismanagement did not hold us but you promised to deliver and so many fell victim to your flattering words and are now living with regrets. All we have seen for the first 90 days is a repeat of politics of spite, hate and victimization.

The only delivery so far is juggling our poor Public Officers and nothing else. What a shame after 4 1/2 years of an islandwide Caravan Train assuring Grenadians of HOPE. May the Good Lord deliver us from the hands of political spite, we repent.

Where are the voices of the former NDC members who helped NNP to return to victory? Peter, Joe, Karl, Glynis, Arley where are you? Are you folks interesting in securing positions only for yourselves?

It is time the NNP members take a look at the inside and see what’s happening to their organisation. Many have been left out and others were promoted and were never members of your party.

Was wool pulled over your heads and your vision was darkened? Will these persons be your leaders in the not too distant future?

I trust these questions will be answered as you search your party inwardly.


Spice Watcher



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