Time to deliver

Grenada real nice for so.

Ah can’t leave here and go any other place to live because ah go miss out on the jokes among the people.

Let me say from the start that I am a strong supporter of the NNP and got most of my family members to vote for the Doc in the last election because of the promise to deliver to the people much better than what the NDC was doing in office.

Some of the people start watching me with bad eye but ah not bothering with that. I did what I had to do very genuinely for my party in getting them to vote for NNP.

Ah still holding out hope that the Doc will keep to his promise and deliver the jobs to the people in the first 100 days. The next two and-a-half weeks will mark the first 100 days in office for the NNP and hopefully the CCC project will start by that time.

The other day as I was going down the road from my home, a big NDC supporter called out to me and start to make fun about the jobs that were promised in the campaign.

He reminded me that Keith was talking about the amount of investors he had lined up and waiting on the horizon to come in the day after February 19.

According to the NDC man, it looks like Keith and them send out a small boat, using oars to go out on the horizon to bring in the investors. He find the investors that NNP promised to bring in taking too long to come ashore.

I too had to laugh with the NDC man because a week earlier another person met me and cracked another joke about the investors.

This one told me that he was standing on top a hill in Mardi Gras and looked out and saw a boat down behind Point Salines. He said the boat was just rocking in the water and on making a few inquiries, he was told that the boat ran a ground on some reef and was stuck outside dey with the investors. He said that up to now one investor can’t come ashore.

Another joke about the investors concern Keith himself and Peter. Ah fellar tell me that since February 19, Keith and Peter made two trips to Venezuela to meet with the new man who replaced Chavez. The fellar say that Keith and Peter hear that the engine on the boat with the investors broke down and it started to drift. So they really went to Venezuela to ask for assistance to locate the boat with the investors and them.

The last joke about the investors is about the man in town that some people now calling the little Mullatoe boy. They say the man was on radio talking about meeting with investors on a recent trip abroad but the only investor he could talk about is one that is interested in real estate.

Ah fellah say that Keith has to be careful with the Mullattoe because the man might only be looking for investors for Mt. Egmont.

But on a serious note, the doc has to do something quickly because a lot of NNP people are beginning to get restless because they have not gotten a job since the election.

Right now, some of them are praying to the Gods for rain to fall so that the bush can get big for them to get a little fortnight on the road to do some debushing. Things really hard outside dey. Even some NNP people are saying quietly that things get worst since the election.

A few nights ago, I was watching the news on TV and the girl who did a story said that the businessmen in Grenville (and most of them supported the NNP) were saying that things real bad and nothing was happening. The businessmen are now looking to see if things will pick up in August for the Carnival.

So like dem business people will have to wait quite August to get a little something. Thank God that I am not a businessman waiting on government to do something for me to make a dollar.

The bottom line is that a really thought that things would have been a little better by now. Dem NDC people laughing at many of us who voted for NNP on the promise of, “We will deliver”.


Delivery Train Driver

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