Real stupidness!!!

I voted for Dr. Keith and NNP in the last election not because of the promise to deliver goodies to the people.

My vote was based on what Dr. Keith was saying on the platform that

he was a changed man and victimization of persons perceived to be his opponents will not happen. This was a good thing to bring healing to the nation.

Today, I am not sure that the Doc is sticking to the promise. I could

understand the decision to remove the Commissioner of Police because National Security has to be conducted on the basis of trust. Even the removal of the Cabinet Secretary could be understood.

However, there is talk among the NNP high ups that the lady in Inland Revenue would be removed because of her association with a member of the former government. If that happens then it is wrong.

Doc, it is high time that we look at people in terms of performance

and not perceived political affiliation. If the lady is doing her work and not engaged in acts of sabotage then no one should victimize her.

Even in his first speech as Prime Minister, the Doc made it clear at the Trade Center swearing-in ceremony that there will be no victimization and no witch-hunting from the NNP clean sweep at the polls. He called on people to do their work and have no fear about NNP victimization. I still want to give the Doc the benefit of the doubt.

However, my position will change if the lady in Inland Revenue is removed from her post because some people in NNP believe that she is

too close for comfort to a certain person in the NDC.

Even the recent decision to bring back the Senator as a member of the police force is a dumb move by the new government and the Acting Commissioner of Police.

This man crossed the line between a public officer and a political operative. I am not against the good Senator “eating a food” like all other Grenadians. It would have been better to put the man in a job in the Ministry of National Security rather than bring back a politician in the police force.

The NNP might also be making some blunders by bringing back a set of old people to do jobs that should have been given to some younger

persons who might be capable of doing the same work.

The talk on the ground is that the retired engineer might be going back to the Ministry of Works as CTO or in some similar capacity because Cecil Harris will not get a new contract.

Doc, the people are watching you with a hawk’s eye and please be careful of what you do and how you do it. Your actions are beginning to give out certain signals that it is back to the same kind of stupidness once again.

The Eyes

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