Left heart-broken!!!

In an article published in the New Today Newspaper dated April 22nd, 2013 titled “Sexual molestation of a 9-month old baby”, the content of the article caused an immediate uproar of anger and frustration in my mind.

To this date, I am heartbroken by such despicable acts of sex on this baby girl and the 9 year old child.

I write this article to appeal to parents, particularly single mothers to protect, support and properly guide your daughters. Many single mothers struggle to support their children financially and emotionally. The absence of fathers in the home contribute to a large extend to the lack of many vital things in a child’s life.

Often times when the responsibility of caring for child/children is left solely with the mother, things get complicated. I do not know the facts surrounding the two cases but clearly someone dropped the ball. The people tasked with the responsibility for caring for these two girls failed miserably and they should be held accountable.

Many children grow up without father figures present in their lives and this has been going on for years, it is not new to our society. However, there are men who step up to the plate often enough to be a dad in their children’s lives and they must be commended for embracing their roles as fathers.

Children never asked to be here, thus the people who brought them here must do all within their power to ensure that their children are cared for, loved, encouraged and protected at all times.

Parents should not abandon their roles in hope that the government, teachers, and others take them up. I am in support of those who say that it takes a society to raise children, in so doing the call for collectivism surfaces and parents should be a part of the process.

I heard a radio personality a few months ago said that there are many young women pregnant out there and she is encouraging the NDC administration to do something about the high level of pregnancy. Now clearly, she is missing a few screws to make a comment like that.

I am always ridiculously amazed when many people attack major issues by a few leaves and branches but not from the root. If you cut down a few branches the root remains and so does the problem.

Many of our young women who are engaged in sexual activities are usually in the worst socio-economic conditions. They call it “doing what we must to survive.”

My friend, who now lives in London, started having sex at the early age of 13. She attended one of the prestigious all girls schools in St. George. She told me that her mother encouraged her to find a man that can help her with money and other things for school.

She said her mother told her up front that she never wanted to have a child at the time she had her and that it just happened. She went on further to say that her mother showed no interest in providing for her and that many if not all of the things she had growing up, she got from girlfriends or men.

She said she met a man who was 24 years older than her and that he lived alone and asked her to move in with him. She told me, her mother’s boyfriend was always at their two bedroom wooden house and together with her 3 other siblings, it was a packed house. Added to that she said her mother helped her put together her things to move in with the man. She did and she had everything she ever wanted, needed and desired.

Her teachers found out and they called her in and told her, “if you want to remain here you will have to move back in with you mother.” She said she told her mother to come in and talk to the teachers and she pleaded with her mother to take her back in so that she can continue to go to school.

She waited for the mother to come to the school and to date, she never showed up. My friend left school and got an opportunity to travel to England to live with her cousin, and life is now better for her. Unfortunately, situations like this occur more than we are willing to admit in our societies.

Parents encourage their daughters to date men who can financially provide for them and realistically, this comes with a price; the loss of innocence, pride, self-worth, education, and independence. It should never be children’s duty to provide for themselves, it is highly unfair and unreasonable to force them down that dark road.

My mother has always echoed this to me, “sex has its place and its time, when you are in school sex has no place in your life.” I am 29 years old, and this statement remains glued to my mind and it has done wonders for me.

It is imperative to have unprotected sex when you are physically, mentally and financially positioned to own up positively to the consequences derived. For some reason, parents and guardians are reluctant to talk to their children about sex.

We are failing as a result because our children are doing it at the wrong time and for the wrong reasons. We are failing because being tight-lipped on such an important topic is negatively affecting the lives of those who are engaged in the practice and those who have to shoulder the responsibilities.

My biology teacher, Mr. Finley Scholar Jeffery was the first person I heard openly discuss sex in class. I left his class with academically inclined and with life changing knowledge for me as a young woman. He is one of the best teachers I have had.

I had the guts thereafter to go home to my mother and ask her questions about sex. It was from that time she developed the eagerness to talk to my siblings and I about the subject and all her talks went a long way.

In conclusion, I encourage parents to do more to protect their children from evil creatures we call men, who pride themselves by molesting babies and children.

I encourage parents to always make the needs of your children the only priority; do not accept money and gifts from perpetrators who have sexually molested your children. They should not be permitted to rob your children of their innocence, strip them of their pride while you allow them to proceed with their lives.

I call on the young women of our society to refrain from sex while you are in school. Your education should mean everything to you; it should be your driving force to a place of empowerment and success. Take yourself, your life and your education seriously and you will reap a meaningful future.

I do hope that the authorities are doing and will continue to do all the necessary work to ensure that justice is served for the two children whose lives are forever destroyed. There is no need to cover up the facts, wrongful acts should be out in the open for all to see and know.

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