Poor people money

N.I.S – the National Insurance Scheme, the name speaks for itself.

What is the purpose of N.I.S? The N.I.S only benefits the government in hard times like these. The N.I.S should be helping the poor and needy but all the establishment does is to collect poor people money, most of the people never live to get benefits from their own money.

My name is Dimeon Griffith Cadore of Mt. Moritz. I started working at my family Gas station at the age of fifteen. I was registered by the N.I.S and was paying my contribution as every other worker does. Three years after I got sick on the job and I spent a few months home, when I went back out to work my boss told me I have a claim to collect by N.I.S.

But to my surprise the people at N.I.S told me that I collect it already and that was not true. Up to now they can’t give me an explanation for where my money gone.

I came back to Grenada on the twenty-first of January 2012 and started to investigate some more and it has been six weeks now this thing still running – my lost money.

After fifteen years still no answer, that is what they do to the poor people children in this country.

My best advise to poor people is to save their own money and stop allowing the government to use them because one set of people fare well in Grenada – the rich people and no love for the poor.

None of the government care for the poor.


Dimeon Griffith Cadore

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