Dear Hamlet,


A few days ago, you hosted a post-Cabinet Press Briefing at which you introduced yourself as the Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister responsible for Communications, Public Relations, Information and Media Relations! So, on this evidence, you are no longer an independent member of the media. Do you disagree? But were you really ever independent and impartial? Nevertheless, congratulations on your appointment.

From all that has happened so far, it is also now emerging that you are a key member of the Mitchell’s ‘Second Cabinet’! You deserve all of that and more. Given our understanding of who you are and what you are about, everyone anticipates that you will ensure that more is delivered onto you.

Before proceeding, I think all Grenadians would agree to salute you as the local “Blogger of the Year 2012” during which time you used every facility and faculty at your disposal in publishing scores of blogs wantonly attacking the NDC Administration. Such attacks virtually became your Daily Bread! At whose commands, in whose interest and in whose service were you then acting? Did the stuff you published satisfy the requirement of being in the public interest and their right to know? Many persons wondered why you were going that far, but your true and guiding motive has now been fully revealed. You had gone back to GREEN!

Now, I am delighted to take you back to the period of the NDC elections campaign of 2008, up until February 2013, and to pose a few questions to you in the hope that you will deliver to the general public the full disclosure that they seek:

I. Were you not the Executive Producer of a TV program called “All Angles” during the 2008 elections campaign? In the role of directing mind behind that show, did you in your own deliberate judgment abandon or otherwise sell-out the interests of your client, the NDC, by not airing the final recorded program in that series which dealt with the NNP Manifesto (2008) and related political matters? If yes, in whose interest did you so act? (Were you already GREEN then?)

II. During or around that period in 2008, or earlier, were you the custodian of a set of electronic equipment capable of producing radio and TV materials owned by the NDC? Has that equipment left your custody and, if so, at whose instructions and to whom were they delivered?

III. During the infamous and unprecedented November 2010 stand-off when certain ministers refused to take the Oath of Office, tell the public at whose command and who paid for you to come to Grenada and, being here, who provided for your upkeep? While you are at it, tell the public whether you scripted the speech read by Glynis? Recall, “democracy triumphed”? By the way, after Joe Gilbert was fired he held a so-called town hall meeting, were you the author of the speech he read to the audience? Does the phrase “unconquered and unbowed” ring a bell? A brand issue,eh!

IV. Did you play any role on or behind the scene of the most recent MWAG elections? If you did, did it not occur to you that as a virtual member of the Executive any such actions on your part would be unprofessional and highly improper? Will you tell the public why it is necessary for MWAG to be led by persons with whom you and the Government feel comfortable? Would not any such necessity raise, if not touch and concern, the issue of a free press in Grenada?

V. So, Sir, which of these roles would you answer “yes” to:

a) Newspaper co-owner/ investor, publisher/ phantom publisher and editor/covert editor?

b) Free agent or hired Blogger?

c) Publicists for former NDC ministers?

d) Political commentator?

e) Media mercenary?

f) Storekeeper of electronic goods?

g) Government executive?

h) Member of NNP’s Second Cabinet?

i) Peter David’s choir master?

j) Jack of all trades?

Oh Hamlet! It’s time that you read Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”. Reflect on the contrasting characters of Macduff and Macbeth who had thoroughly embraced the powers of evil. Pay special notice towards the end when Macduff enters the castle with the tyrant’s decapitated head, much like Claudius in Hamlet, the victim of his own poisoned chalice! You may wish to do so before delivering your response. Please do not keep the public waiting for 200 days to deliver! Let not the ghost of Claudius shake you or take up residence in your fresh, green wardrobe!

With hopeful wishes for your timely delivery.

Munich Farmer


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