A budget of hope?

The results of the last election have made me become more and more

selfish as a Grenadian.

I did vote for my Congress party and will continue to vote for Congress because I like the philosophy of Uncle Tilly and the party.

We lost the election because the people fell for the promises of delivery and delivery of jobs and more jobs as offered by NNP.

It is too early to judge the NNP and all the pie in the sky promises that were made in the election.

However, the budget as presented by the Prime Minister has nothing in

it for me as a private sector person who is always looking to make a dollar for myself and not depend on government.

Like many Grenadians, I did fall for the Home Improvement Scheme of Dr. Mitchell and NNP for the Cricket World Cup. I was able to extend on my loan from my bankers in order to build a 3-bedroom flat under my house.

But I did not get anybody to rent the place for the World Cup matches that were held here. Thank God that my husband is permanently employed and we could have come together to service the additional debts from the bank.

Up to this day, it is real hard to get people to rent the place for as little as $1000.00 a month. To be honest I stop advertise the place

with the local newspapers. Everybody who used to call can only afford to pay $500 and $600 a month rent. I prefer to keep my place in good stead and not rent it for $500.

In the budget, the Prime Minister announced a stimulus for the construction sector by lowering VAT on selected items like cement, blocks etc, etc. Mr. Prime Minister, the market is already crowded with so much home owners looking for renters.

It is only a foolish person who would go to the bank and borrow money to build flats to rent given the number of places seen every week in the newspapers that are for rent.

Even the real estate market in the country is at a standstill. Look at the papers every week and see the amount of properties for sale and these include the properties of many decent Grenadians.

The banks have a lot of houses on their hands right now due to

delinquent home owners. Why would a bank want to give out more loans to persons to invest in building up their downstairs when they might not be able to pay back the loans?

There is no hope of seeing me putting in a downstairs in the house

that my mother left behind for me as a gift. No way Jose. Let the bank stay dey with its money. Ah prefer to keep the house debt free.

Grenada Lover

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