Productivity and Punctuality Council

I write in regard to PRODUCTIVITY and PUNCTUALITY in the State of Grenada. This is in regards to ALL areas of our Lives and in all areas of our operations that are very Low or do not exist.

Therefore I urge us all to consider and make a decision to adopt Productivity and Punctuality in Grenada and to beseech the Government of Grenada to make same OUR Policy.

The country of Barbados has adopted and successfully set up a Productivity and Punctuality Council almost Two Decades (20) years ago and today Strikes and other Disruptions in production are scarce or minimal.

Recently Jamaica has adopted this concept and we can be next.

I am in contact with my former Co-worker at the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) who can assist. He started the Council with TWO (2) persons and now has a Staff of Eighteen (18) persons.

They offer Services in areas such as:-


*Performance Management

*Benchmarking & Best Practices

*Job Evaluation

*Strategic Planning

*Productivity Management

*Productivity Training

*Process Management & More


I can contact the Executive Director of the Barbados Productivity Council and I am sure he can help Grenada if there is an interest in Grenada.

I await a response from the Powers-that-be.


Dr. E. Reginald Buckmire, MBE


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