Tim Tim starts to speak

I was thinking for some time now to write a letter about this boy called Timothy Antoine but was reluctant to do so.

However, after listening to a caller on the George Grant show last Sunday, I decided that it might be appropriate to finally write the letter.

For some time now, I have been watching this Antoine boy and his almost deafening silence on matters of finances as the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of finance.

The only time that I heard Tim Tim open his mouth is to speak on issues about CLICO and Baico. This man has never opened his mouth as he is now doing today for Dr. Keith on the state of things in the country.

I kept wondering to myself if Dr. Yaw or Keens-Douglas had passed by him and extracted all his tooth from his mouth because he was so quiet during the entire period of the NDC.

Now today the same Tim Tim is talking almost every day as the real Minister of Finance in the country. How come he was not talking up for Nazim and Uncle Tilly?

Tim Tim, a lot of people are watching you closely and taking careful note of your behavior these days.

But on retrospect that was good for Nazim and his dottishness as the Minister of Finance under NDC. The people voted for change in 2008 and Nazim did not heed the call to immediately sweep out all the

Antoine’s from the system.

When he finally moved against one of the Antoine’s, the girl named Patricia, Nazim put in of all person an African and more so a Nigerian as Accountant-General. Is there any need for me to cast aspersions on the track records of Nigerians? Oh no.

If I was in Nazim’s shoes I would not have put a Nigerian as my Accountant-General for fear that I might just be jumping from the frying pan into the fire. How could Nazim trust anybody living in North-west for such a sensitive position with the NDC government? I would have stayed very far out of an abundance of caution.

The word on the ground is that Nazim’s appointed Accountant-General is now a big boy with one of the statutory bodies.

But Dr. Keith should be careful and should take note. If Tim Tim and the AG could not sort out the country’s finances under NDC, could they do it for NNP? What it is that these two people can now do that they could not have done for Uncle Tilly and Naz? If they perform “miracles” for NNP then it will raise eyebrows?

The logical question that most persons will ask is this: How come they could not help NDC to find monies to pay salaries and to pay off the national debt but they can do so under NNP? If they do then the people can draw their own conclusions.

By the way, one Sunday I heard Tim Tim on a radio station delivering a sermon and one thing he said kept ringing in my ears every day from thereon.

Tim Tim kept saying that if you cannot pay back then you must not borrow money. How come Tim Tim never told NNP that when they were borrowing money on the commercial markets at 9% which is utter madness. All other governments in Grenada were borrowing at 2 and 3 percent, very concessional.

Tim Tim, as an economist, please tell me whether it is this 9% borrowing by NNP that is currently responsible for the debt of the country being considered to be unsustainable in terms of the pay back?

Like Anthony Boatswain said, borrowing is not a problem, it only becomes a problem you cannot service the debt. Can Grenada now service its debts? Is borrowing more money now a problem for the State? Can the State borrow more money when it is defaulting on existing loans?

Is it NDC or NNP who put the country into this state in which Grenada is almost uncreditworthy? I am not an economist and would like to hear Tim Tim and the AG address my concerns.


Truth Seeker

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