Doc is a changed man

The appointment of Cajeton Hood as our Attorney-General is proof enough that Dr. Keith is a changed man.

I was doubtful when the Doc said that he was coming back more for his legacy than anything else.

The man has forgiven Cajeton of his sins. I can remember reading many articles in the newspapers written by Cajeton prior to the 2008 general elections when he was on the offensive against the Doc.

The articles were stinging and sent goose bumps throughout my body as Cajeton used to beat up on the doc every week in some hard-biting commentaries.

I know that the Doc can now look the same Cajeton straight in the face and tell him that I have forgiven you of your sins against me.

Has Cajeton done the same and said Doc that I am sorry for writing those things about you in the paper.

The Doc is a smart man and will know how to deal with Cajeton. If it was me I would not have trusted Cajeton with the post of AG.

As a supporter of NNP, I want to advise the Doc to run everything from Cajeton by Sr. Larry and Dwight Horsford before taking it as the gospel.

I was putting my money on Dwight to get the AG job but the Doc in his own wisdom decided to give it to Catejon instead. I would not have given it to that man given his past behavior to the Doc.

I do not trust the Hood brothers at all. I have a funny feeling about these two boys. I hope that I am wrong about them for the sake of Doc and the NNP.

I will trust Peter, Chess and Hamlet more than I will trust the two brothers from Happy Hill. Peter cannot go back to NDC and is looking for a home. The NNP will love to have him since in due course he can line up himself as a possible successor to the Doc.

The same cannot be said of Karl Hood. He is not good political material. Karl will benefit more from NNP than NNP will benefit from him.

I trust that the Doc knows what he is doing with the two Hood Brothers. Maybe they are on their final dyeing beds politically. After NNP what’s next for the two Hood Brothers?

Silent Observer

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