Repent Grenadians, Repent!!!

The results of the last elections left the nation shocked. NDC supporters were shocked and disappointed, “ah, not one seat”.

The NNP supporters were shocked. Yes, they chanted, “we want Kit”, but in retrospect, the intellectual minds of the NNP anticipated the safety net of a strong opposition, while the others, suddenly awoke to the reality of a “lottery” promise, wrapped up in one hundred days.

Christians were disappointed, as once again, the ungratefulness of our nation was expressed to God, as we voted for food, under the guise of progress and dethroned Almighty God as deliverer of our nation and ascribed the title of deliverer to a man.

Those who did not vote were shocked that the nation did not have the guts to make the decision they were too afraid or disappointed to make. The indifferent were shocked because Grenadians proved to be Grenadians once again.

There is a saying, “be careful what you wish for, you may just get it”. Well Grenada, “God heard the cries of the people and granted them their request”.

In 2008, God instituted a leader, pliable to the dictates of Godly principles and a promise of Canaan; but like the stiff necked complaining Israelites, the journey seemed too arduous and aimless and so in ignorance, dominated by physical lust and passions, we ran back as it were, to Egypt.

Consequently, we will reap the harvest of Egypt. For years Christian intercessors perceived and prayed against impending judgment upon our land. Judgment is indeed upon us. God chastens whom He loves.

In recent times, the name of God has been desecrated by wolves parading in sheep clothing; men of God who became incensed by the wine of political bigotry, openly and shamelessly engaging in partisan prostitution and adultery and the ungodly, using His name as a means to an end.

I challenge the Honourable Emallin Pierre to restore Godliness in our politics. Stand up and speak out for righteousness based on Godly principles. Be ye Holy in politics as your Father expects you to be Holy in ALL MANNER OF CONVERSATION AND CHARACTER.

Take note of your predecessors who went in and served with unclean or feeble hands. Consider what prostitution with worldly principles can do to a Godly yet mere mortal. I pray that as a Christian, this will be your season to exude righteousness and prove your salt.

Power in the hand of a man not subjected to the authority of Almighty God is dangerous. There is therefore no qualm in my quoting that, “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

This is only natural, for the seats of influence and power of this world reside in the hands of principalities and the prince of this world; strongholds, only to be subdued by a higher power…Almighty God.

My prayer for the Honourable Prime Minister is for him to come into a life changing experience with the power of Almighty God.

I am confident that my God is in control and that my God will dictate the governing power of our Prime Minister within His permissive and perfect will.

This is a season for national prayer and repentance.

* As the church, we need to repent for negating our Christian responsibility as vanguards of our nation’s moral conscience.

* Our pastors and leaders need to repent for not being outspoken enough, instead hiding behind the safe houses of pulpits and motivational sermons to stroke the egos of politicians.

* Christian politicians need to repent for not allowing the Holy Spirit to use them as instruments of righteousness to confront and conquer the mountain of politics, especially those who became allies with the enemy, your conduct creating confusion to oppose the advancement of the kingdom of righteousness here in Grenada.

* Christians need to repent for our selfish, judgmental attitude towards unbelievers and ungodliness, and start honestly interceding for genuine change of hearts and lives which ultimately begins with us…. the biggest hypocrites and stumbling block to our nation becoming righteous. I am a Christian, guilty of the very charge I raise and so Father, I publicly repent.


Let us continue the crusade of Uncle Tilly, to press towards the mark of integrity, transparency, and good governance. Let us honestly pray for our Prime Minister and government that they will subject to the authority of Almighty God in their personal lives and more so in the office of governance, that righteousness may exalt our nation and we may live peaceable lives.

For the spiritually discerning, let us bind our faith to drive out the demons of iniquity that are given free access to our land, so that like Elijah, we will establish who the Sovereign God of Grenada is.

Uncle Tilly, the election defeat does not mean that you lost the war. Your victory will come in the lament of Grenadians as they reap the harvest of God’s judgment under the Saul prototype we requested. You are one of the greatest leaders Grenada ever had.

The course heralded inevitable shipwreck, which you perceived, but you manned the helm like a faithful captain; choosing to die if you had to, than abandon ship. It has nothing to do with you Sir, but the people who God has decided to teach a lesson.

During the reign of our Prime Minister your name will be sung locally, regionally and internationally. Dr. Mitchell will get the satisfaction of power as Prime Minister but you will wear the crown of authority and respect, the sting of which will be a thorn in his flesh.

As the Caribbean looks towards Grenada as an example, may they never suffer our fate. Man can act as much as he wants but not as long ….. or is this statement really true. Consider President Chavez.

I thank God for the opportunity to candidly bare my heart to the nation. My prayer is that readers of my heart will discern with maturity what the Almighty God is saying to us, at this time.

May God have mercy on us all. Amen.


Humble Servant

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