No statute of limitation for genocide

In Jamaica, a government commission has revived a reparation commission to research slavery’s social and economic impact and examine whether the predominantly “Black” Caribbean Island should seek compensation or a formal apology from Britain to heal old wounds.

According to historians, slave labour alone made a vast difference to the economies of the New and Old worlds. In Jamaica, the historians said, most slaves were forced to work under brutal conditions on sugar plantations.

Ms. A. Shepherd, chair of the commission said that the legacy of slavery has impaired the Caribbean nation’s ability to advance and compete globally.

The Jamaican initiative should be followed by every country in the Caribbean and beyond where this brutal trade was carried out.

For those apologists who think that this crime against humanity should be forgotten, I would like to remind them of the statement made by the Jewish group hunting down those responsible for the Jewish holocaust. The statement said that “there is no statute of limitation for genocide”.

Given that African genocide or holocaust has no parallel in history, Africans, both in the Motherland and the Diaspora should not rest until the countries responsible for these unspeakable crimes from which they have benefited.

Similar calls for reparation are being made by African Americans. However, according to the author of “The Jewish Onslaught”, Professor Tony Martin, the most hostile criticism against reparations for African Americans are coming from Caucasian Jews in American. That’s hardly surprising.

Documents revealed by the Nation of Islam researchers in the U.S. show that the first “Black” slave in New York came by way of Jewish merchants. In 1647, the researchers said, the desperate “Whites” of the colony of New York turned to Jewish merchants of Brazil to supply them, even though the colony’s leaders complained that the Jews charged much too high interests.

The ” Hebrews” – God’s so-called chosen people – held a near monopoly of the slave trade. In the 1700’s, two Jewish owned ships came directly from the African coast and sailed into New York’s harbour.

And according to Jewish scholars quoted in “The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews”, Volume One, they were two of the largest slave cargoes to be brought into New York in the first half of the eighteenth century.”

Horrific acts of “White” barbarism, such as the posting of the severed heads of Blacks on wooded sticks, were common. The smell of ” Blacks” being burned alive seemed to delight early “White”, New Yorkers who gathered for the events with much anticipation.

One witness, the researchers said, described how a runaway was chained to a stake with firewood thrown around him. Green wood was used to prolong the torture.

In 1860, New York City’s Major Fernando Wood said the profits, the luxuries, the necessities, and even the physical existence of New York “depend upon the products of slave labour and the prosperity of the slave masters”.

The City’s top rabbi, Morris Raphall was in total agreement adding, that God himself sanctioned slavery.

New York Jewish banker, August Belmont financed and ran the presidential campaign of Lincoln’s pro-slavery opponent, Stephen A. Douglas. Lenham Bros financed the cotton trade, slavery and the confederacy.


E.M. Rogers


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