‘Progressives’ engaged in Unholy Alliance with NNP

The People of Grenada have spoken and we now have to live with the consequences. How does one begin to make sense of what has transpired? In doing so, my angle will be on the role of the leaders of the “progressive forces” as they love to label themselves.

In the build up to the 2008 Elections, the progressive forces threw its weight behind the best alternative to the NNP – i.e. the NDC.

By 2008, the people had had enough of the NNP’s excesses in Government, the blatant disregard for fairness and equity in handling Government’s business, not to mention the maligning of the “progressive forces” within the NDC, to the point of attempting to use the judiciary to debar legitimate Grenadian sons from participating in the Parliamentary Electoral process.

The people had had enough. The NDC presented the best alternative with a robust Manifesto and Plan. The mandate was clear. The people voted for a Party led by a trusted man of integrity. The people chose an NDC led by Mr. Tillman Thomas. In him they saw decency, humility, trustworthiness, integrity and the leader of a good team.

NDC was given the mandate to lead the nation out of the morass that the NNP had placed it after 13 years. The progressive forces were happy to be identified with the Good Governance Agenda put forward by the NDC. As fate would have it, the advent of the NDC in office, coincided with the downturn in the global economy.

Times had changed. Reasonable Grenadians understood this. Reasonable Grenadians were prepared to work with their Government to renew hope, restore

integrity to this nation and to build a Grenada wherein ALL would have an equal place.

The progressive forces seemed to have liked that in 2008. What then transpired? The long and short of it is simply put: the progressive forces were merely using the NDC and its trusted leader as a stepping stone to power.

The progressive forces merely wanted an “exchange” in operatives, not genuine change in the way of doing business. The progressive forces were prepared to simply use the rhetoric of Good Governance in order to occupy the seats of power for their own personal interests and to fulfill the agenda of their Pay-masters.

Examine the role played by the progressive forces in the 2013 Elections. Then ask yourself: Who in their good senses, despite whatever challenges, would turn-tail on the NDC: a party of sound core values. Who would tacitly welcome back the NNP into office? Who with a clear mind would beg, beseech, cajole and entice the unsuspecting populace, under the guise of being “progressive” to install the NNP regime back into office?

Who in their good senses would stand on an NNP platform or encourage others, after professing to be NDC Leaders who took the Oath to serve this country and who won on an NDC Ticket which subscribed to Good Governance, that it is now OK to Vote the NNP?

Who genuinely believes that this reckless and rudderless NNP has redeemed itself?

The NDC administration was diligent about re-balancing the Grenadian society. The NDC administration was adamant that fair play and justice for all were decent goals to pursue in government.

The NDC inherited a bad economy brought about mainly by the huge debt amassed by the NNP. Management of that crisis became a major focus. Our regional neighbours heaped praises on the NDC Administration for the effective management of the economy. But that is history!

We now look to see the magic of Dr. Patrick Antoine. How is it likely to happen? Already he has signalled: ‘Come with your cheque books – we are open for business … our lands are available’. So it is back to business NNP-style!

A gentle reminder though, that debt-forgiveness is merely ‘kicking the can down the road’. Our grandchildren will hold us all accountable, compliments the work of the progressive forces and their active role in 2013 Elections.

History will take copious note of the ones who either refused to vote or actively supported and voted NNP. How could they sleep with themselves when they know that they were actively involved in getting people to NOT vote for the NDC?

How could they live with themselves for promoting NNP and even be seen to be intimidating people in River Road within the 100 yards line on Election Day… actually telling voters to vote for Steele and the NNP?

Since when did NNP present itself as the best option for the Grenadian people? How has the NNP manifested to the world that it is a changed Party? Oh, how some regional leaders are now disappointed!

Even some of the ordinary people of the region are once again looking upon some of us in Grenada as among the most foolish people on the face of this PLANET.

They now say: ‘You had a great leader in Maurice Bishop … you killed him… now the same people have turned around and removed the NDC and its most trusted Leader … a man of integrity, a man who only wanted what is good for Grenada.

Can we conclude that a good manifestation of how this NNP administration is regarded was the fact that only one Head of Government attended the Swearing-in Ceremony on Sunday 3rd March 2013?

Some of the regional leaders would have read the Wikileaks and see for themselves who was bad-mouthing them with an Ambassador from a major country.

Would some regional heads feel comfortable at OECS and CARICOM meetings – to be seated at the same table with someone who was exposed in the Wikileaks as bad-mouthing them?

The Progressive Forces should proudly take responsibility for whatever transpires henceforth. Indeed, some of those progressive forces can now boast of topplingthree regimes in Grenada.

What an unholy alliance with the NNP. Woe be unto us in Grenada!!

A True Revolutionary





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