The delivery train

I will start this article by saying hats off to the National Democratic Congress for fighting vigorously all the way through. As a proud NDC-ite, I felt the energy and the will power to push forward for a second term.

I hope that members and supporters will come together to ensure that the party is equipped with the necessities it requires to permit a win in the next five years.

Now for the core of the article, there are many so-called people who occupy spaces in the media arena who are still in the celebratory mood in light of the recent election results.

There is a major difference between media practitioners (professionals) and media workers (amateurs); sadly for Grenada it is flooded with more amateurs rather than professionals.

Often enough, I will hear the voices of the NNP Advocates on one of the ‘used to be’ popular radio stations in Grenada. I concur with my good friend when she said to me almost a year ago that “ah doe listening to that station again, it has no substance.”

It is even more evident now, that Anthony certainly died with all the quality that that particular radio station once boasts off. Today, all that comes from that station, with the exception of Foopy, are slanted political opinions, which lack facts and soul.

Imagine the undeserving “queen of radio” has linked the rise in teenage pregnancy to the NDC and its operations. I was on a bus travelling to Grand Anse at the time, and this time I did not put my headphones on when I heard her distasteful voice simply because the other passengers on the bus were openly disturbed by her comments.

So I listened for a while and said to myself, this woman will stop at nothing to showcase her dislike for the NDC. The only conclusion drawn from her everyday programs is that she was on a mission to destroy the NDC verbally using the only medium she has available.

We often take out our rage and anguish on the politicians and the system, and we are blinded to the fact that the problem starts and ends with us.

The Shag man is the greatest, I mean that man can hardly formulate a sentence with the correct subject and verb agreement but he spends all his time constructing malice against the NDC.

The “plead your cause” in the morning time, has really gone to the dogs. If 10 calls are taken and 10 of them are for the NNP, he says, “thank you very much.” When calls come in to support the NDC, he says nothing. His boss is now a Member of Parliament; I therefore encourage him to organise some training for, the Shag man, the “queen of radio”, and Mitch.

Where is the professionalism in your work? Aren’t you aware that the capacity and reach of the station are not subjected to NNP members and supporters only? I am wondering now that the party you campaigned for is in power, what will you say when it does wrong?

Mr. “This is calypso” is above all others. I am mostly surprised at your poor level of reasoning, lack of objectivity and impartiality. I remember speaking to you in 2009 about my observance of the NDC’s inability to deliver as it has promised the people in 2008.

You said to me that the party needs more time to gather resources because there is an empty treasury. I will be frank and say that I think the program you host with this extremely judgmental man is the worst of its kind on Cable.

I know your co-host is in the upper class of society and he thinks that he is well positioned to talk the talks about poverty.

Now when my mother is tuned in, well not anymore, I would often echo to the household, “this man thinks that being affluent gives him the expertise on every area of life.”

He seems to have all the answers to every problem. I have never seen such a perfect human being. I hope that he has passed on some of his perfection to the ruling party so the poverty will be no more, so that employment will be no more, so that the hospitals and medical centers will be filled with all medications, so that teenage pregnancy vanishes and so that the business community is not asked to pay their taxes.

I am wondering, now that the party you campaigned for is in power, what will you say when it does wrong?

I walked into a store a few days before the elections, upon entering the store I heard a few people in a heated political discussion. I heard one say she waiting for Franka to come up in her neighborhood to embarrass her and that she has no place in the town, they gonna ensure that she gets licks.

To my surprise, a news anchor on one of the local TV stations was among those uttering her detest for the NDC and Mrs. Bernadine. I looked at her, with the intention of asking her; everyone in Grenada looks and listens to you at 7:30 p.m. every night and that’s the level to which you stoop?

But I was wearing my NDC band and they were coloured in green, excluding the anchor; I did not want to take the chance. It goes to show the lack of discipline for the profession and the need for immense training for the amateurs in the field.

I know we all have a democratic right to support a political party of our choice, but media workers should not openly express themselves at every and any opportunity they get to do so.

There has to be a limit. I am wondering now that the party you campaigned for is in power, what will you say when it does wrong?

I have the world of respect for the professionals like the late Anthony “Jericho” Greenidge, George Grant, Brian Pitt, Lew Smith, and Rae Roberts. In my opinion these men are the cream of the crop; they continue to exhibit high levels of professionalism, credibility, and the ability to ensure that facts are presented and stories are balanced.

I am sure they have sides too but their sides are not revealed in their line of work. They do not openly criticise a person, party or thing because they do not support it. Their language skills, passion, and general awareness are exceptional and I have crowned these media practitioners, as the best Grenada has to offer.

I do not have to wonder what they will say WHEN the ruling party does wrong, I know they will continue to exhibit responsible and accurate reporting as the issues unfold.

I will conclude by saying that I am in a state of mind where I want to see delivery happens before I leave the island. The ruling party made delivery sound very easy, so no time is needed to deliver.

Investors should have already crossed Immigration, monies should be flowing in the country because the economic difficulties that NDC spoke of have gone with the wind and people should already be dressed up to earn their salaries.

Let’s go, deliver me oh NNP, deliver my dear Grenada, and deliver us all.


Yellow Lady


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