Tillman is the Man for Grenada

I am very much convinced that the real leader for our tri-island state for the moment is the Hon. Tillman Thomas despite the many conspiracy plans by the former NDC rebel leader and his dissidents along with the NNP.

Our beloved Prime Minister is honest, humble, and sincere and has Grenada at heart for nation building.

Brother Peter was over zealous and could not have waited for the NDC Government to deliver to the Grenadian people. His way of operation is no different to that of Keith Mitchell who was only interesting in engaging in work without proper planning hence all over the country we have so many unfinished projects.

The policy of the NDC government for execution of projects is to tender and bid so our people can benefit and monies well spent ensuring full completion. The Old saying Birds of one Feather flock together is true. Corrupt minds work together.

As our Prime Minister said on many occasions the Nation’s assets must not return to the hands of the NNP corrupt bunch. I trust that Uncle Tilly does all in his power with God’s help to keep Grenada safe from the viscous bunch of vultures.

It is time that the Grenadian people know why Chess and the expelled bunch wanted the Party, and to take charge of the government for self interest.

The workers under TAWU should replace Chester as President, and kick him out of the Senate for his role in what is now happening in the country.

This man must not be taken seriously, and should never be able to bring workers in such a compromising situation for personal benefits.

Brother Peter’s efforts to take over the party failed because members were not prepared to hand over power to a bong-away communist, one who can never settle down and a man who has the same mentality like the Opposition Leader.

Thank God the NDC people were able to discern truth from error, hence Hon. Tillman Thomas is the man for us.

Peter, Gilbert, Gill, Stanford and Chester – shame on you guys. Grenadians know your true colours and because we are thinking Grenadians you will not

have your way in our dear Isle of Spice.

The words of our dear Prime Minister to those folks was, “try and zero in on me and you will see who I am”. This is a man of vision and purpose. Light outshines

darkness that is why Peter and his gang within could not prevail over Uncle Tilly.

Efforts to poison the people of St. Patrick’s East will fail. The people enjoy you coming and cook the food so they can eat you out for your dotishness.

It is sad to see that every time Grenada is on the path of development the Communist boys turn back the hand of progress.

The Grenada Revolution lasted 4 1⁄2 years, progress was halted. 13 years of sell out, corruption, spite, and hate were accepted by this bunch of people.

Four-and-a-half years of good governance, progress and development was once again curtailed by a bunch of destabilisers.

Workers will remember the “White Paper” where Chess made a lot of noise knowing fully in his heart it was ok based on his behaviour. Chester, you fooled us once, but not again with your loud noise. Did you not recognise the Grenlec Workers left you out of the deal?

Your big mouth is worth nothing because most workers whom you now represent are fed up of you and would like you to demit office.

Some of us might not be happy at the pace the administration was progressing, but they tried in those difficult times.

Chess, is it because you did not get the School Bus you decided to bring down the Government with those renegades? All of the noise about ALBA meant nothing, because countries associated with the movement is in no better position than Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

Comrade, the ALBA countries are also struggling – who are you fooling? You guys failed in July of 2012, by blocking the People’s Convention; but thanks to God there was a 30th September and the party said who the leader must be to correct the 13 years of KCM’S RUTHLESSNESS.

Peter, Chess, Gilbert, Stanford, Hood, Gill, Glynis, should know you cannot remove a good man. Election Day is upon us and the NDC will be victorious to keep Grenada safe, and to continue our developmental path.

We know KCM want our resources, but we say NO. The Man to develop that industry to benefit our people is Bro. Tillman Thomas with support of Nazim Burke, and the trusted NDC team the people have put together for our Nation’s development.

FORWARD onto victory on the 19th February 2013. FORWARD!!


A Real Man



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