Open letter to Dr Patrick ‘Jagan’ Antoine

Dear Dr Antoine


Grenadians see you as a subject of interest and have asked us to have a little chat with you. We know you love the media. Recently you donned your NNP frock and spoke at your party’s rally. Nice to see you in the open! Sorry your intentions were so warped!

So first off, you are no longer an objective analyst. We know you will

have no quarrel with that. When you speak on the Grenada economy henceforth, we cannot expect to be educated beyond our current level of naivety or ignorance. Everything you say will be in open defence of the NNP’s economic policies over their thirteen years in Office.

Surely, you will not deny that you were Mitchell’s foremost Economic Policy Advisor during that period, although this may not be widelyknown, but you, Doc, know the truth.

That being the case, tell the public that you did not advise Mitchell to engage in reckless borrowing and even more reckless spending. You can’t escape this one Pat, because if you had advised better, today

Mitchell would not be talking about creating a ‘new economy’ for Grenada, an idea stolen from the NDC’s 2008 campaign.

And talking about that kind of conduct, we take it that you were responsible for the abandonment of the Ten-Point Development Plan put forward by Tony Boatswain at the Tanteen rally and the subsequent appropriation of the NDC’s Five-Point Transformational Plan? Is that true or false?

For all your accomplishments in Economics, why did it take you seventeen and a half years to realise that the country cannot truly grow unless we become a productive Nation? You cannot deny that you knew better. So answer the question. No escape, bro!

As you have already lost your middle stump, could it be that you were happy with the NNP’s economic policies and programs because, among other things, it enabled you to become much, much richer! You know what we are referring to Jagan. Is it not true that you arranged a number of loans for the NNP government and statutory bodies in the Trinidad market and earned hefty fees for doing so? Did those fees amount to millions of dollars?

Come on, you are a patriotic son. Tell the public that the fees you

collected were a reward for your expertise and that the taxpayers of Grenada do not have to repay all that you collected. Can you look into the TV camera and say that without telling a lie?

The truth is that all the money you collected as fees are part of the public debt today! Would you now disagree that you are all the richer for your association with, and services to, Mitchell, while the ordinary Grenadian man is poorer as a direct result of the nature of those transactions?

So what space are you coming from when you attack the NDC’s economic record? Sometime during your education in Economics you would have learnt that paying down old debts puts a drag on economic growth. You would know that in a recession, the construction sector is generally the worst affected. No denying, Jagan!

Then, you also know that economic growth in small, open economies which have weak and under-developed production bases is heavily dependent on government borrowing. Furthermore, you must be aware that under the economic policies you supported, Grenada did not grow its productive sectors. Tell the public whether this was good policy and what is the price the country must now pay for that approach to economic management?

While you are on your feet, tell the public whether the NNP can

borrow another almost $2 billion any time soon and, if so, from whom can such monies be borrowed? Tell us what would be the sources of revenue the NNP will have to service the existing and additional debt of that magnitude?

We hope you will not be reluctant to give us some data to support your position. Please don’t keep us waiting too long! Before we go on, would you say to the Grenadian public that your personalised data on the economy is better than that issued by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank?

When you listened to the Governor of the Central Bank a few nights ago, was your conscience moved when he set out a more balanced and credible explanation for the state of the economy here in Grenada and within the Currency Union? If not, we call upon you to take to the NNP platform and the TV stations to contradict what Sir Dwight Venner had to say.

Let us continue. You appeared on TV hours ago and announced that you and the NNP have a number of investors from the Middle East and elsewhere waiting to come and put money into Grenada immediately upon an NNP victory at the polls. Truly alarming stuff!! Is that true?

How come for thirteen years NNP was only able to attract less than a handful of foreign investors, but while in Opposition it is able to attract and “line up” several? What is the deal, Patrick? Clearly someone is trying to fool some people.

Did you ask Lalsingh whether he is not afraid that these so-called investors from that part of the world could be Al Qaeda operatives?

Remember his ‘panic button’ regarding the gift to the NDC through PM Thomas?

We wonder, in reference to that pronouncement, whether you were acting as agent for CCC and, in so doing, disclosing that the latter was really playing political games with the NDC Government regarding the Farm Roads Project? Truth sometimes comes from polished lips!

You mean to say that Grenada is struggling; you have found investors, but will not bring them here unless you are in Government? What is the definition of PATRIOT, Patrick? Make no mistake about it, the poor people who you are seeking to mislead will wise up before February 19th.

You don’t need a job, neither does your leader, but you are both content to sit on potential jobs that poor people are starving for! Don’t tell me your investors are not happy with our peace and stability, or with our lawful protection and guarantees for foreign investment, or with our willingness to negotiate arrangements that are in the best interest of the public.

Just ask SANDALS about the NDC’s approach. The NDC is in the business of making good deals!! All things being equal you should love that, eh! But there is a group of persons who, on account of their blind and insatiable greed for money, may properly be called “intellectual mercenaries”.

Don’t be angry at us on this one. Actually, we do not anticipate that the personal application of this branding would fit your circumstance.

Enough for one day. Next time you take the public stand, the people will NOT take DELIVERY of your intellect; but can we expect you to DELIVER your integrity?


Economic Brother

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