Some years ago I had an article published in the local media under the caption, ‘A hog in a Palace, a Pig in a High Place’.

There were, and will always be many persons in high places in Grenada. I volunteered no indicators, but closed the article with a simple four word question – ‘Who the cap fit’?

Within 24 hours of circulation I received seven (7) obscene calls cursing my so-and-so for calling ‘the man’ a pig. This went on for the better part of the following week, during which time my wife refrained from answering the telephone for fear of a ‘line conception’.

I was shockingly amazed at the perception people had of an individual whom they seemed to rever. While that individual was in a palace I observed his reckless mis-governance, his prostitution of this country’s virtuous image, his disreputable economic citizenship programme which allegedly involved clandestine kick backs’, his 473 million dollar offshore banking sham, his 280 million dollar fiasco involving securities to crocked ‘so-called’ investors’, his scorn for farmers and agriculture, his incurable allergy to truthfulness, and I developed a disdain for the individual.

But it was when he was removed from his high place that I began to pay particular attention to this individual’s demeanour or lack of it: his rantings, acerbity and rancor at public for a, his attempts at tribalism via the ‘colours culture route’ (which seems to have succeeded), his dancing here and prancing there and jumping everywhere in his adamantine quest to create disquietude in this OUR God given nation which he thinks he owns – show us the will’ and my disdain grew into abhorrence and puzzlement.

So I treated into my literacy sanctum to seek a metaphorical equation that would answer the question ‘with what manner of creature are we dealing here’?

It was while in that inner place and state of meditation that I found my thoughts transported across the eastern Atlantic, not just to the shores of Africa, but to the very doorstep of the great Miriam Makeba.

And behold the revelation! Behold the metaphorical equation! Behold the Naughty Little Flea.


Dudley Buzzan Andrews


P.S. The choices Grenadians make at the February polls will inform the world of our standards, and instruct them as to whether or not Grenadians are a people who deserve to be helped.



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