An unusual visit!!!

I want to remind us as a nation that Jesus Christ lives and he lives forever for the benefit of those who don’t know me.


I am not a prophet

I am not a preacher

I am not a pastor


I am not associated to any political party I am an ordinary person who lived a life that is pleasing to God. Over the past several months I have many encounters with the Lord. He has been revealing himself to me speaking to me about things pertaining to my spiritual and personal life.

He gave me vision, He uses me to speak to his people, to pray for the sick and to bring the lost, to him, however on 7 January 2013 I had an unusual visit (not a dream) from the Lord and this is exactly what he said to me.

He said, “tell my children, I am the Christ. No one come unto the Father but by me. This is the voice of one crying in the wilderness prepare a way. Surrender. If they don’t surrender judgment is going to come upon them. They will be mourning and gnashing of teeth. This is the voice of the Lord”

He said, “take it to the east to the west to north and to the south. Go to the church, seek help, go to the minister. Go to the news (Radio, TV, Newspaper). The message is clear. Let us play our part and obey the voice of the lord. Help spread the good news and in doing so let us surrender.


I am not here for fame

I am not here to put on a show

I am not here to be noticed

I am not here on my own

I am obeying the one who has sent me


Peace to all

Neldine Douglas

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