Dey can’t stop Congress!!!

I am very much convinced that the “Judases” that conspired to destroy the National Democratic Congress are extremely disappointed. They are disappointed by the fact that their vicious ‘power hungry’ plot to belittle the Political Leader did not succeed. They are disappointed that NDC-ites followed the only leader we know, love and trust.

NDC-ites remain strong, united and positively driven to ensure that Uncle Tilly and his committed team continue to meaningfully develop Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

As a young woman, I am proud of the messages brought forward by the NDC campaign; a message of truthfulness, hope, and perseverance. We are well on our way to do more for the people of this country regardless of their political affiliation.

It has been proven that a Tillman Thomas-led administration has absolutely no time to focus on a person’s political affiliation in order to assist that person. There is no list! If you are capable, then you are capable. Unlike the opposition party that has generally if not fully provided assistance, jobs and promotions to supporters of its party.

Added to that, from the horse’s mouth, the NNP already has a prepared list of names to immediately layoff ‘IF’ it wins the next elections. I think they are preparing so much, so hard for nothing.

The smart and forward-thinking Grenadians will not let that happen, not again!

Now I must deal with Kenny Lalsingh, Peter David, Joseph Gilbert, Arley Gill and Chester Humphrey before I conclude this article.

Kenny Lalsingh, I think suffers from serious Alzheimer’s disease. I remember when I was a little girl my mother carried me to countless NDC rallies in support of this very same Kenny Lalsingh. When I became a teenager I saw him in red as a representative for PLM, I was baffled.

In 2008, this man stood on an NNP platform and spoke words of hopelessness. I listened attentively to this disgraceful man and I was disgusted by the words he spoke. In recent times, I guess Winty declined his request to be a part of the PULP and Glynis did the same and said no to him to be involved with her NUF, so back to the NNP he went.

Kenny is talking about The Honourable Tillman Thomas should be ashamed to have Mr. Michael Baptiste sitting on an NDC platform.

Kenny, you need to wheel and come again a million times before you utter this nonsense. Well hear this – Keith Mitchell is well in order to embrace someone of your kind to speak on an NNP platform.

Peter, Peter, Peter, you are one sour individual. I am wondering now if you presently hold the dual citizenship that KCM exhausted for years. If you do, you should return to the other country. You are meaningless here on this island.

I thought you were a man of and for the people. I thought you loved Grenada. I thought you mattered in terms of helping develop this country. Your actions, words and affiliations over the past three years have proven otherwise.

You are like Kenny, disgraceful and you should be ashamed of your sorry self.

I looked at you and your bad mind crew rolling around my area the other day.

The money to buy things to cook and all the eating of food are now flowing. Well hear this nah, the boys are only fooling themselves.

They will eat all you out dry and then laugh behind all you back because all you not getting them to vote for NNP on election day.

As a matter of fact, those NDC rejects can only fool people once – we have all been fooled by you before and it will not happen again. So do not come around saying that NNP is the way to go. Joseph Gilbert, in my opinion has always been a waste of time. I did not support this ruthless man last election, but I voted by his name for the NDC. Then he went into office and neglected the people and the needs of St. Patrick’s west.

I remember saying to my family and friends, the Minister of Works not giving work and he is not working. Rather than finding ways to help enhance the landscape of St. Patrick west, he was studying Casino for the town of St. George.

Peter had him swinging, Peter had him the way he wanted him, in ah deep, deep dark hole. Good Peter because if you ask me I will tell you, you did a good thing.

What about this Arley Gill, commonly known as Minister of Merriment. Remember – “Open the Parliament, open the Parliament”.

Well is dey you go stay with that Ali. You have lost all grounds, you do not matter around here anymore. But ah do feel you have dual citizenship like your master Peter, so you are stuck here and ah like that. I like it because I want you to sit back and relax as the NDC claims victory without you.

I know that you have been boasting that they do not have what it takes to win because you that make the party win in 2008. Well excuse me from crying out loud. You are just one man, if you voted in 2008 that was just one vote for the NDC. Go and see you probably voted for NNP.

Now, you mister big and bad Chester; so you believe that you are the

hottest thing since slice bread. Well let me be the first to tell you, you are not!

With your big mouth you are just full of cheap futile talk stemmed from hatred for the National Democratic Congress. I am sure you have seen the huge numbers that gather to support the NDC; it means therefore that we are unshaken by all that you have done to destabilize our party.

You are not influential and I hope you know that. I saw you looking rather depressed at NUF’s convention, I felt so sorry for you than I did for Glynis. Chester, none of you are gonna make it now, nether will you next time around. But stay way you dey, we do need you anyway.

In conclusion, I hope that the five “Judases” take their problems to God. They will need medication, comfort, love, and intensive care around 10.00 p.m. on February 19th, 2013.

Ah see Keith Mitchell dancing with two fingers in the air this time, last time he danced with four. I am happy that he has figured it out ah ready.




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