Should I Waste my Voice And my Vote?

Peter David appears to have backed-out of our politics. Many think NUF is too new, and can’t get organised in time for any election in the near future. Are we handing our governance back to Keith Mitchell’s NNP?

The additions to the NDC Political Party think NOT. The caliber of Randall Robinson, George Vincent and Merle Byer, is yet to be tested in the Political Arena. However we know them all too well, for their other successes on “Life’s Battle Fields”.

Take Merle Byer. She is accustomed to pulling *”Innovative – almost impossible ideas” ~~ out of the fire and making them rise like phoenix.

Everyone thought that herself and her husband Lesley (Sadly … now deceased) were overly ambitious to the point of being fool-hardy, when they conceived the idea of L and M Industries. A Company which makes commercial gasses. A company – the likes of which we had never had before and thus they had no one to fall back on for advice.

That is the type of person she is. She is better than Eric Matthew Gairy, when it comes to putting into practice the saying, “The difficult – we do at once … the impossible may take a little longer!”

Merle and Lesley and their family of three young boys, pulled L&M from the ground, by its boot-straps and made it a viable business. There was hard work and literal sleepless nights involved.

HOWEVER – they made the Nay-Sayers – eat their words. Some of their engines could not be shut-off at 4.00 p.m, in order that they could go home and lime and sleep.

The manufacture of some gases required that these machines once started, needed to be on and more importantly monitored, from start to finish, when they were making certain of their gasses.

With an ill husband (who wanted to pull his weight none-the-less), and three young boys – who could just as well be out on “dates” – Liming and Partying. Merle was Captain of a ship she intended to see steady and in-control. Other people may have flinched – Merle and Lesley never did.

Then when she became a widow, she appeared even more determined to “Carry L& M Industries on her back. And she did it. (AND – she always made time, (spared the time) to tease and joke with her consumers?


Who better to fortify a Political Party?

Who better to put steel in their back-bone?

Yes! To George Vincent

Yes! To Randall Robinson

Yes! To Persuader Adrian Thomas


Yes! To Ali Dowden and

Yes! To Merle Byer.

IMHO – A rejuvenated NDC, with individuals of candor and high caliber – can do the above!

It is what many of us seeing the New-Look NDC, as being the correct party to lead Grenada at this difficult time.


Ros M. Dopwell

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