It’s quite unusual for one to sit for long hours on a Sunday evening.

Typically I use my Sunday evenings for outdoor activities with my family. But last Sunday for whatever reason, I ended up taking in the political rallies. I was like a gunslinger switching from channel to channel viewing the NDC and NNP rallies. In reality, I think that I ended up looking more at the NDC rally.

It seems natural as any viewer doing what I was doing would in my mind gravitate to the more appealing production. After all they were productions designed to appeal to all audiences. The NDC was far superior to their opponents. They looked smarter in their ties and sunshine yellow. They were also sharper, focused and more energetic.

Of more significance to me however, was the fact that their message was quite clear and refreshing. The NNP was the same old khaki pants. Style and substance remained the same and nothing really was appealing.

With some anticipation, I was eager to see the new candidate and what they can bring to the table. Unfortunately not much!

So my attention could only pick up on the silly strategies used. I was not impressed. Mr Bowen attempted to make it appear that the NNP was the one that was responsible for bringing the OAS observer team to Grenada.

My recollection however, is that it is the government that makes such a request. My suspicions were soon to be confirmed on Monday last with the news from the OAS office.

The OAS put out a story that they were responding positively to the Government of Grenada’s request of January 8, 2013 for a team to help in verifying and observing the process. So why the deception, dishonesty Mr Bowen? Can’t change the spots on the Leopard I guess!

Then the goodly doctor again demonstrated inconsistency. On the one hand he was talking about keeping high standards of the campaign, and in a matter of minutes he was behaving badly.

He began to talk about secret deals which he could not identify. Deals that as Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee he can lead an investigation. Why not lead an investigation? So why the drama and innuendoes?

Just as he said that he had evidence that PM Thomas received US$150,000.00. Up to now he cannot present it to the public. PM Thomas presented his and to date KCM cannot. So who is telling lies?

SO I APOLOGIZE for all my bad sins and to all those that I hurt. I will be a new changed man. Weeks later I pronounce that I cannot change! So why the games? Is it because a liar has no memory? Or is it a curse?

Old people used to say that when the thing take you, you can’t run and hide. Is down and down you going! So I am not joining in that race. Count me out. I am not joining any Green wrecker.

I hope most Grenadians see the light before it is too late. If not “crapaud’ smoke we pipe.


Sweet Grenada

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