Letter: Bolivia takes the fizz out of politics

In St Vincent and the Grenadines we have a Marxist-led government, and we are members of a Marxist institution called ALBA. We were taken into ALBA by Ralph Gonsalves without the consent of the people.

Most of us in SVG will have noticed that neither Pepsi nor Coca Cola is produced in our country anymore. Was that a commercial decision by the companies or a political one by our Marxist government? These were the two most popular drinks available in SVG.

Yes, it is true, neither Pepsi nor Coca Cola is now available in SVG.

Our ALBA member friend, Bolivian President Evo Morales, has announced the end of Coca Cola in Bolivia starting from December 21, 2012.

This is the date that Morales has declared as the end of capitalism in Bolivia. The date of the ban is symbolic for the Bolivian government — this infamous date on the Mayan calendar, which according to them represents “the end of capitalism” and “the beginning of the culture of life.”?

According to Morales, three other countries have already banned the American Coca Cola soda: Cuba, North Korea and Myanmar. It is well known that Morales expects ALBA members to follow suit with these kinds of actions.

Coca Cola is not the only American company who is not welcome in Bolivia. According to Forbes, MacDonald’s also had to leave the country last year, after ten years of presence.

Bolivia is a country that Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has partnered with in voting for Iran, Syria, North Korea and other such countries at the UN.

Bolivia is the country that hosts the ALBA Military Academy, staffed and operated by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

This is where there is an obligation for SVG to send police and military for training in revolution and jungle and urban terrorism, intense interrogation procedure [information from torture] and socialist [communist] political indoctrination.

It would be interesting to know if the SVG three policemen who tortured the boy almost to death, who were then charged and convicted of a lesser crime, then given their jobs back to carry on their trade, were trained at the ALBA Academy. These are known as our Criminal Police Officers.

Isn’t it time for us to denounce ALBA and renounce our membership? GONSALVES got us into this crap, it must be time for him to go, perhaps he should emigrate to Bolivia.

Peter ‘Bignose’ Binose



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