Losing his memory!!!

Keith Claudius is definitely delusional. At age 69 it appears that he is quickly losing his brain cells. This to me is still a generous assessment. To many it is not difficult to conclude that he is displaying psychopathic tendencies.

He continues to tell lies and mislead his followers leaving them more ignorant and dependent on him to think, use and manipulate. KCM has no wrongs and is now blaming the NDC for what he is calling the worst deals in Grenada. What craziness? Then he still thinks that he is the Prime Minister of Grenada.

He now wants to make the decision about whether to buy the GRENLEC shares. He wants a piece of the action and is now begging to be included in the Grenada Cabinet to decide on the purchasing of Grenlec shares. Just like he wanted all the government paid maids in the Prime Minister’s house moved to Happy Hill when he lost the prize, he wants to be Prime Minister. Is it because he senses that there will not be another occasion?

KCM also displayed the traits of Alzheimer’s disease. On the one hand he criticises the policy decision to give free schoolbooks to all Grenadian students.

He says that only those who can’t afford should get help. All others should pay. In the same breadth, he is now promising that if he wins he will give every child a computer.

How come that he will give those who can afford? What hypocrisy and double standards? Anything to win a vote! Who is he intending to fool?

He is now saying that the delimitation treaty with Trinidad is a bad deal. What is worse, however is the fact that the NNP gave away all our hydrocarbon and maritime rights to Mr. Grynberg since 1996 in the dead of the night. Only Gregory and Stone knew about it. Was there any consultation with their Cabinet peers and the people of Grenada?

This was an experienced smart man who took them for a ride! The government then took seventeen years to clean up the mess spending over five million dollars. Mr. Bowen was so bold that he once boasted in the Parliament that other OECS countries are now consulting with him about how to get out of bed with a crook.

But just imagine the millions of dollars lost because Grenada could not move to exploit its own resources. Just think about the opportunity cost. Could you imagine what Grenada would have been like if we were able to exploit our marine resources and hydrocarbon resources?

Added to that the NNP then went to bed with two Russian middlemen further tying up our resources for a sum of two million dollars. So Grenada is still in trouble. But KCM is blaming the NDC. What wickedness?

The NNP gave away over twenty acres of land on Grand Anse beach because of questionable local individuals and greed. Grenada got nothing. They made another bad mistake by giving away the land before the two parties had a deal signed.

Mr. Hamilton was on TV himself and said that he walked away from the deal because it was no longer profitable because of the recession. He chose to lose his four million down payment rather than pay forty two million for the property. Yet KCM is blaming the NDC for his stupid mistake, managed and contrived by his friend with the heavy accent.

THE DRIVE TO GAIN hefty fees for the transaction was so strong that the land was given away before the deal was finished. Another NNP misdeed. One is a mistake but not ten and fifteen times. This is a dangerous pattern. Nonsense over and over again is the characteristic of the NNP. It is gross incompetence.

Then to add all of this to the over two hundred million given away by the NNP in other bad deals is unconscionable. How much can Grenadians take? The Levera deal; 28 million gone. The Mt Hartman; 16 million, the Call Center deal; 18 million, the Garden Group deal; over 25 million, the MNIB deal 12 million, the stadium deal 154 million, and many more.

The thing about the MNIB deal is that the MNIB management did a due diligence on the European broker. The report indicated that this was not people we should be dealing with. Despite all that the NNP Cabinet instructed the MNIB to put their money with a crook.

Why did this happen? Is it because the NNP operatives had some payback to receive? Who was in the UK waiting for Mr. De Allie and Mr. James? The same family member! Now all Grenadians should understand.

We have short memories! There were many before including the disappearance of a whole Grenada plane without one penny.

Wake up Grenada! Do not be fooled again. He cannot be trusted.


Hugh Webley



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