It seems to me Tillman Thomas and the NDC Administration are trying to align themselves with the success of Democratic President, Barack Obama. How wrong could they be!

Obama was handed a sinking ship four years ago but his people are now beginning to see the light. Thomas was handed a country that was working economically and socially, the people were happy. Unfortunately the people thought they needed a change and handed the reigns to Thomas who has systematically and painstakingly pulled the country apart, bit by bit over the past four years.

Obama projects HOPE to the American people and the world. Tillman Thomas and the National Democratic Congress project HOPELESSNESS! Obama has always been and remains a populist leader, well loved by a wide cross section of voters, the same cannot be said of Thomas. Those who voted for him four years ago are now seeing the error of their ways.

Obama has not attempted to hold the US to ransom to remain in power. Thomas abrogated his responsibilities as leader by holding on to power by a constitutional clause. Health care has become more accessible under the Obama regime with the much vaunted Obamacare. Yet in Grenada nurses are striking, facilities go without medication and even basic dressing are unavailable to the majority of the population.

Tillman Thomas is the only Prime Minister in the history of Grenada to have allowed his Ministers of Health and his Cabinet to try and frustrate the efforts of the Forrester family, local Grenadian investors, from moving their Dialysis clinic (the only one in Grenada) into a building close to the hospital which was in ruin after hurricane Ivan in 2004.

That Government building was refurbished by the company under a lease given by the previous Government but Tillman Thomas Cabinet said to the company that his administration needed the building urgently and therefore denied the company the right to occupy the building for the DIALYSIS clinic since 20th November 2008.

It is now four years and the building stays unoccupied, except for vagrants and drug addicts whom the Government can’t assist and have therefore found themselves a new place of rest. That clinic is now at the St. Augustine hospital meeting the needs of dialysis patients while the Tillman Thomas Government continue to show scant courtesy to not only sick patients needing dialysis but the entire population needing healthcare.

Shame on you Tillman Thomas, you speak democracy and good governance but you are by your deeds and actions, shown and demonstrated to all Grenadians indeed a very deceitful, deceptive and divisive individual who will be so recorded in the history of our country along with all those who sat in your Cabinet and did not have the courage to stand up and say that this is a grave injustice, not just to a Grenadian son of the soil but indeed a grave miscarriage of justice and an extreme unkind act to the sick and innocent persons.

Senator Chester Humphrey has said it well, “This is one of the most unkind and unjust acts committed against a Citizen because of his political support for another Party.” But more importantly, the injustice committed to the sick and innocent patients and their families, because this is the only dialysis clinic Grenada has ever had.

It is therefore an insult to President Obama and the American people, for the Tillman Thomas spokespersons to compare themselves in anyway whatsoever to the success of President Obama.

In 2009, Trade Unions lined up behind Obama and again in 2012. In Grenada the Thomas administration is at war using police to lock the gates of the Ministerial Complex twice in two weeks.

Obama kept his promises to the American people and those he did not, you can see the foundation of them in the making. Tillman Thomas and NDC? No way! They are either completing or squashing projects started by the New National Party and fattening their pockets in the meantime.

The only area they have in common is the rise in unemployment over the past four years but Obama is working tirelessly to rectify this problem whereas Tillman continues to exacerbate the problem.

Wake up Tillman Thomas, you are nothing like Barack Obama and you will never be. The sooner you stop ruling by decree the better our country will be. You stated that Grenadians are not complaining about the closure of the Parliament and that it does not affect them. You further stated that Grenadians are not demonstrating in the streets as if to connote a certain message but the people have grown wise over the years to know better.

Paul Gittens



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