A message to the Feminist Movement in Grenada

We are taking a very dangerous trend, and we are going down a slippery slope by how women are trying to revolutionise the social responsibilities of our men in the society.

Could you imagine that these people are urging some of the wives and common law wives to leave their husbands to create more social decay in our society by children not having a father figure in their lives?

Even after they have encouraged the women to leave the homes they cannot maintain them financially. They are intoxicated by the level of liberalism, and civil liberty like countries such as the United States and other developed countries.

Let us remember that the big wealthy countries actually take care of these women and children, finically, socially, spiritually and physically. When these big countries catch the cold we small Islands get pneumonia.

We are thinking of enacting all types of laws which are not applicable to our social conditions while over 30 % unemployment steer us in the face.

America has social security for the unemployed. I have heard now more than ever that they will be taking their husbands to court for rape – could you imagine?

This group of women are intoxicated by liberalism because women are still in a subservient role in many societies throughout the world. They could have only voted in 1948, they have come a long way but take it easy. They are bent on destroying the purpose of the man, they are fanatical some of them are also saying that if men can take off his shirt they too should be able to do it in the name of equal rights and justices.

Could you imagine that they want to walk half-naked without a top? Could you imagine where we are heading?

It’s time that women understand their place and their physical limitation. Please don’t get me wrong because there are some great women in leadership roles who do even better than men, but it is quite evident that they are forcefully trying to revolutionise men and their social standing.

One of the other things the woman takes advantage of is her physical attributes where she owns and controls her means of production something the men cannot do because God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

Imagine that in modern times, it is still prohibited for women to fight on the front line in 90% of most Armies of the world because it is instilled in us as men to love and protect them and not to see them die in front of us because they do not have a man’s physical strength.

The Bible said that woman has no power over her body when it comes to her husband, but what is evident I am seeing today is a new trend where they are using their bodies as weapons against men especially in the bedrooms to make demands.

Sex was meant to be a mutual pleasurable exchange, it should not be an asset for one, and a liability for the other. This was not meant to be so.

Imagine after so many years the Churches are still refusing to ordain women as Bishops and the countless other positions which still do not favour them as leaders.

Let us not forget that man is an economic and social animal. Please do not be confused by the young men who are falling through the social cracks due to a devastating sub-culture, with a serious lack of mentos in our society for them to follow.

With due respect to all women in our society.

Kennedy Jawahir

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