The man called R.H. Fleary

I urge everyone to read this article in order to understand the type of human, and quality of person that lies within the NDC Caretaker for Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Was Mr. Randolph Harrison Fleary born to teach or born to lead? I think he was born to do both. Please allow me to elaborate.

He had the opportunity to go to the UK: He didn’t. He had the chance to travel to Canada, he refused. He could have gone to the United States to con black people as some others have done but he stayed. He chose to remain here and work for the meager EC dollars, but the con men chose to go and come, pretending that everything is OK.

Here is a synopsis of the wonderful creature commonly called Harrison Fleary. As a young man he went sailing bringing in merchandise for the nation. He also taught the nation’s children for almost four decades.

Thinking that he could still do more, he ventured into agriculture, farming corn, peas and potatoes. As if that wasn’t enough, he began rearing livestock; goat, sheep, cows and pigs. In all that he did, he ensured that the nation would benefit from his labour.

He is also a gifted musician, playing anything that has strings – the guitar, tenor banjo, the quarto and the violin – you name it, he plays it.

He loves to entertain, and has often been seen playing at the Senior Citizens Home, christenings, birthday parties, weddings and dances.

Mr. Fleary is known in every corner of Carriacou – East, West, North and South. He is also affiliated with cricket and takes active part in the Carriacou Maroon Festival. He is presently the President of the Carriacou Carnival Committee, and the President of the Carriacou Farmers Association.

I am certain that there is an untapped source of hidden talent yet to be revealed within this Carriacou icon.

Having read this brief synopsis of Mr. Harrsion Fleary, wouldn’t you say that he has been well placed to lead us on Carriacou and Petite Martinique? The answer has to be yes.

His talent, character and temperament, has set him apart from everyone else, and that’s why this gentleman puts us in a unique position where leadership and representation is concerned.

Persons who have held office in Carriacou and Petite Martinique before would find it very difficult to keep up with Harrison once his boots hit the ground.

I also use this opportunity to encourage everyone to get registered and exercise your right to vote.

In any organisation it is imperative to be truthful. Once you start telling lies to your subordinates, you are done. To whom it may concern please take note and learn to tell it as it is at all times.

Bob Adams


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